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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My essential purchase

I was talking to my CG members last night about how we should work hard on our spiritual life just as much as we care ALOT for our physical appearances.

And so began my illustration. I asked my members if they knew what was the FIRST thing I bought for my pregnancy. These young people’s answers came fast and furious and some of it were…


Milk Bottle?







As you can see, my members were definitely YOUNG and inexperienced. I kept shaking my head in glee at their answers. I think they were ‘shocked’ when I told them “Guys, I am not so ‘great’ a mother as you think I am… cos I bought NOTHING for my baby yet!”

My 1st purchase for my pregnancy was…..


Almond oil to prevent stretch marks!

For a short moment, I thought my answer sounded selfish… But it’s true. We do work hard at our physical appearance don’t we?

Well, if you are an experienced mom, please recommend me good, cheaper stretch marks cream? This bottle from Loccitane costs me a whooping S$78!


Em said...

Hi Jerb!

I think you can try Palmer's. I read about it in mags.

Quite affordable, can get from Guardian or Watson's! They're having sale now!


Jerb said...

Hi Em, yes, I heard alot abt it too. But I also heard that it may cause rashes for sensitive skin ( like mine). But since there's sale, mabbe no harm trying! :)

MJ said...

Say NO to Palmer! I developed rashes on my tummy! :(

I used the Body Shop's cream. It cost around 50+ or 60.

Anyway, I went to the Antenatal classes and the lady was sharing with us that stretch mark is unpreventable. It really depends on your gene, like my mom has stretch marks, I can't run away from that. The creme can only help to lighten the marks.

Be positive! Cos no matter how ugly the stretch marks are, when you look at your little one, you can tell yourself that it is all worth it! :)

Jerb said...

Hey MJ, it's true abt how 'worth it' the stretch marks are as compared to our little one. :) I do hope though, that I have good genes! :))