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Thursday, February 25, 2010

THE Good News :)))

I guess this is the time to break THE news.

This was one of the few times in my life I was so overwhelmed by happiness that I started laughing and crying at the same time!

At week 4, I took a pregnancy test.

And the result was…


I started laughing and crying as I scrambled for the phone to call my hubby. This is indescribable joy! To have our own child… Now I am beginning to understand the 1st joys of being a mother. :)

Many questions flood my mind at this point… What to eat? How to take care of my body? What to expect? Do I need to go shopping for new clothes? I really can’t imagine how my life will change from this day onwards!

So that’s all for week 4. Cravings? Maybe Kway chap?

Week 4

NO MRTs, NO buses. TAXI all the way! Whoo! Oh, and no more housework! Double whoopee!

Week 5-6  

Thank God I am not a hugger of the toilet bowl. But I have mild morning sickness the WHOLE day and I feel tired more easily. It gets worse at night. Is it a blessing (that I don’t throw up) or what? I am not so sure.

Every single day, I know I am hungry (because my stomach would rumble loudly!) but I have no cravings and no appetite to stomach anything. This is bad….

Week 6

I realized I don’t really like to eat vege and chicken (except in its minced form) so much anymore… In fact, the only food that I could swallow comfortably is CARBO!!! There goes any diet plans…..

Sigh :(

Dear Stomach, please take in healthier, less fattening food… pleaseeee……

Week 7

My morning sickness is less regular now though my appetite is not really good yet. Is that a bump I see?

Week 8

My visit to the gynae. After some research done by hubby, we decided to go with Thomson’s Medical Centre’s Dr Adrian Tan.

When I reached the clinic, the nurses took my blood pressure as well as my height and weight… I realized I lost 1 kg despite my very sedentary lifestyle now…. thank God!

Next, I was really excited to ‘see’ my baby in the scan… And we did! Baby J was 17mm long. Even though he/she looks more like a kidney bean now, we could make out little hands and legs and what’s more important, we could see the heartbeat in the form of a blinking little light! Yippee!!! Jared and I were so so overjoyed and relieved. :)

My next appointment is 3 weeks later.

Week 9-11

Things are getting better. My appetite improved slightly. Thank God cos I would want to stomach down all the good food and snacks during chinese new year!

Even though I read that for 1st time pregnancies, the bump would not show so early, but that’s not really the case for me. I no longer can fit into most of my jeans anymore. Relatives were already guessing if I was pregnant. Hoping it’s not a tummy…

My 2nd appointment with Dr Tan happened the Monday that just passed. After the CNY period, I managed to maintain my weight! It was still 1 kg lighter than my pre-preg days. :)

During the scan, we could see a bigger Baby J who has grown to 48mm with longer hands and legs and facial features! Exciting!

Here are the ultra sound pictures of my little Baby J. Praying for a healthy growth for him/her!

Baby J at 8 weeks…

Baby J 8 weeks

Baby J at 11 weeks…

Baby J 11 weeks


San said...

Yippee!!! So exciting! I am so so so happy for you! :) Glad to see Baby J growing so well :D

evelynneo said...

Hey Jerb! BIG CONGRATS! :) Happy for you! Welcome to motherhood! :)

Enjoy your pregnancy and do take good care! :)

Jerb said...

Thanks San! Really thank God for v supportive and experienced colleagues like u guys! ;)

Hey Eve, yea, I am joining your club. Always feel blessed reading your blog... Your great love for Xi-en inspires me! :)

ED said...


Looking forward to see the little LIM running around the office!

Jerb said...

Thanks! I can't imagine that yet! :))

ER said...

Hi Jerb! WOW! great news! Congratulations! :)

grace.tan said...

Congras again! Happy for youuuu :)