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Monday, January 04, 2010

ET Leaders’ Retreat to Malacca

On New Year’s Eve Thursday, we set off in 6 cars to Malacca for our annual retreat. Finally, we are going OVERSEAS together. It was a breakthrough!

For Jared and I, our crazy driver was Tan Sijia.


She was simply amazing as the 3-5 hours journey to and fro did not get her down and tired. In fact, she was still the most talkative and energetic even among us who were just passengers! But I must also admit she is really a zai driver. Afterall, she drives a lorry on most days….

DAY 1…

On our 1st night, we went to a Nonya restaurant Ole Sayang for our late dinner.




I liked the sambal sotong best. But overall, I found the food only so-so.

Well, maybe it’s either we didn’t order the best dishes around or we did not really like Nonya food. ;p

Let’s look at the dessert…

Almost everywhere in Malacca sells chendol. But this place is not a place to order chendol. The bowl is v small and the chendol was not fantastic.


After dinner, we rested and proceeded to our Leaders’ Appreciation!

We played games and as usual, the game organizers could not succeed in playing a fair game with the leaders…. HAHA!

The guys were ‘mummified’ with double sided tape…



Then the battle began… which made them feel like…

Karang guni cum rubbish bins….


Hanyong is the best KGRB (Karang Guni Rubbish Bin)!!!

After that, we proceeded to thank leaders including giving out Awards.

The winners are…


Lee Seow Shi – Karate Kid OR Best Newcomer


Santy Lim – Alvin the Chipmunk OR Life of the Party


Karen Wong – Fantastic Four OR Multi-Talented


Delphine Tang – Spiderwoman OR Most Available


Joanne Toh – Pay It Forward OR Most Loving CGL


Garvin Chia – 300 OR Best Growth

Well done to all the award winners!!!

Then it was photo-taking time.

The gals…


And the guys…


We are praying for MORE Male leaders this year!

This was how we counted down to the New Year 2010!

Day 2…

We all woke up late and went for lunch @ Jonker Street rightaway…

We went to try the famous chicken rice balls!



Fishballs? Nah… It’s Chicken rice balls!

I personally prefer normal chicken rice cos the rice in the balls were too mushy for my liking.

But I must say the chicken was DELICIOUS!



Then we shopped at Jonker street and had dessert!

The coffee and durian chendol here is SUPERB!



Even Edmund, a non-durian lover liked the chendol!


We recommend Durian Chendol!

At night, we ate at a cheaper Newton food centre.

The food was cheap and delicious!



I recommend the Claypot Rice, BBQ chicken wings and pig’s intestine soup here.. also the stingray if you prefer it assamed rather than samballed. :)

And after dinner, it was more shopping at the Jonker Street night market then catching a mid-night movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed Avatar even though I was already feeling sleepy before the movie!

Day 3…

Finally on Day 3, we went to satisfy our fastfood craving at A&W (which is now extinct in SG).


Sad to say, WE WERE DISAPPOINTED with the quality of the food. The only thing I enjoyed was my Root Beer float.

We lamented that we understood why A&W closed down in SG!

In conclusion, it was a really relaxing retreat @ Malacca. We basically ate, shopped, slept, watched movie through out. And so, we are aiming to go overseas together again next year! Bangkok anybody??


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Wow! What a great driver u have! ahahhahahaha

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