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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oliv Cafe & Ice-Cream Chef

Yesterday, my family went for a belated Christmas family dinner. I know, we are almost always gathering together to eat… what else can we do in SG??

We wanted to dine at Werner’s Oven, affordable German cuisine, but they are closed on Mondays. Awwww…. sad :(

So we checked out Oliv Cafe @ 220 East Coast Road near the Holy Family catholic church, as it was recommended by ieatishootipost. This place serves Western food but the waiters are mainly Chinese.

When we reached the restaurant, the ambience was like some youthy restaurant like Breeks. The prices were very very affordable too at below $20 per dish. They had set dinners comprising of main+soup+drink+dessert for $16.90++. Cheap!


Bored people waiting for the food to come. It was definitely not fast food!

Mushroom soup…. A bit below average… Be warned, it’s the campbell type of soup.


Our appetizers!


Mixed Platter- Calamari, fried chicken wings and fried mushrooms.


Cheesy German sausage pizza. Anything thin crust and cheesy, I like!

The mains arrived shortly….


Mine! Pork ribs- half slab. It was tasty and the meat was tender.


Val’s salmon.


Jas, Dan and Jared ordered the same boring Oliv Beer Fish & Chips. You can taste the beer. V generous portion!

The food is value for money. Quality wise… you know when u see the price but it’s still tasty.

More family pics!





Next up, dessert! Off we went to Ice-cream Chef @ 520 East Coast Road.

This place was packed packed packed as usual. Thank God we managed to get a seat. I would rather take away then to sit there long for fellowship. This is because the place is really small and most of the seats the Starbucks’ silver tables and chairs are outside (no AC). The place is a fav hangout place for the youth and boy it was rather noisy!

Anyway, ambience or the lack of it aside, their ice-cream is handmade and they mix in your choice of goodies for 90c per mix-in. A regular cup consists of 1 scoop and a large consists of 2 scoops. The price of the ice-cream alone is $3-4+ per cup.



Look at the little jars containing the various mix-ins! We were spoilt for choices!-different breakfast cereals (eg our fav krunchy and milo balls), granola, oreo biscuits, kueno bueno chocolate, mars bar and many many more!

Here’s their young ‘chefs’ at work.

DSCF3532 DSCF3533

They even have a youtube video of how they mix their ice-cream:

So here’s my Creme Brulee ice-cream with Oreos and Jared’s Granny Smith ice-cream (green apple) with kueno bueno….

I *luv* ice-cream!!!


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