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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas E99!

Merry Christmas! Wanna thank God for the 28 friends which joined us over these 2 days. We had great fellowship with one another just now!

We ate and had fun while dining at Suntec’s JusAcia… After lunch, they decided to play a number game, and the loser of each round has to eat yuckky stuffs.


Toufu with mayo, chilli, soup, parsley etc etc etc….


The losers!

O, we had a special guest for fellowship today- the VERY BUSY MICHAEL TAN!


He was very helpful and entertaining :) Mic, u made a difference!

He led the group to walk around cityhall area and I don’t know why, but I felt we were like tourists…


Maybe because Mic held up a star and walked in front of us everywhere…. Like a tour guide would with his umbrella…

AND because we took pictures EVERYWHERE.

e991 tree

And we tried to form ‘E’’9’’9’… unsuccessfully…

Here’s E


And 9


Unsuccessful isn’t it? HAHAHA!

Then the beautiful gals in my CG took picture. I really mean that. The girls are beautiful :)


And I think I must say this… the guys.. although abit indecisive…


…are very good-looking too :) Especially in their pose!


To end it off… Merry Christmas everyone!


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