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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Leader’s retreat @ Skudai

I am back from 2.5 days of retreat at Skudai, more pumped up then ever before!

Almost all the Pastors and of cos including Ps Kong, was there. Ps Kong was multi-tasking as always during the trip as he would be with us for the morning devotion and then go down to minister @ Skudai Harvest Church in the nights. Ps is so hardworking!

Our itinerary during the retreat can be summarized as Morning and Night Devotions with free & easy/shopping and gym classes in between. So it’s devotion+eat+exercise the whole time. :)

Jared & I are superbly blessed by the time spent esp with Ps Kong and Tan during the devotions. Here’s what I learnt and was impacted by during the retreat.


On the 1st night of devotion, we moved in the gifts of the HS. Ps Tan challenged us to prophesy to those we were not so familiar with. The word given to me was accurate and really touched my heart greatly… Later we were told to openly prophesy to those whom we are not familiar with or do not know (as there were leaders from various zones and some from other churches!). We really stepped out of our comfort zone that night and took a leap of faith. The last time I did this exercise was I think 8 years ago! So I felt so good doing this. Faith exercises!

Ps Kong prayed with us for breakthroughs in our church. He preached about Caleb and dreams and visions @ Skudai Harvest and we were there and once again he laid hands on us.

I pray God will do a deep deep work in my heart. This can only be the beginning.


Ps gave us time to do our personal devotion together every morning. We were taught practical tips how to pray and how to visualize and move in the spirit. BREAKTHROUGH prayers!


Ps also made it a point to share with us 2-3 practical tips and pointers on leadership, prayer and how to 做人 during every devotion. :) We were clearly inspired as we digested every piece of the nuggets of wisdom from this great man of God.

I was also so blown away by Ps’s generosity throughout the retreat. He treated all, about 60 of us to Nandos (see the photos later) and bought toys for all the Pastors’ kids… which are ALOT. :) I am determined to not let a mindset of poverty and small thinking rule my life.

Ps’s sharing and lifestyle I believe, is the key to discipleship and passing on the church’s DNA.

I am blessed and I really pray to God that He will keep on doing a work in my life.

Finally, here are some photos during the retreat. It was quite awkward to snap away during the retreat so the photos taken were few! Ha!


Us with Ps Kong!

Ps treated us to Nandos- a popular fastfood selling grilled chicken.



After taking a slice, I forgot I should take a photo!

What’s really good at Nandos are their sauces…!


See the 2 little puddles on my plate up there? I know I am not supposed to take chilli for now BUT I simply can’t resist! ;p

Here’s our room at Pulai Springs. Not bad but the room service… not so good!




Here’s my good pal Cynthia during the camp. She is secretary to Ps Kong. We took the photo during supper time at Bamboo restaurant after our service at Skudai Harvest Church. We were all trying to wait for Ps Kong to join us!


I stress again that we were ‘trying’ to wait for Ps Kong to come before we tuck in… The guys esp were famished and the food was good and plentiful and set before us waiting to be eaten!



Supper khakis. Photo was blur because I think the waiter’s hand was trembling as he took our photos. Maybe he worked too hard. :)

In conclusion, this retreat is awesome! I never fail to thank God for the great church I chose to attend 10 years ago, the great Pastor and his vision I am serving for today. What an awesome privilege. Great God, great church, great life. =)


San said...

Wow! Looks like an awesome retreat! :)

Jayme Shing said...

Sounds really AWESOME!!!!

cyn said...

Thanks for your time JERBIE. You made it enjoyable!! I ripped off your pict :D

Jerb said...

Hey Cyn, thanks for being a great partner too! :)