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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Believe

Do you believe?

Simple question but it’s the key to unlocking our blessings from God. This was what our ZS Edmund shared with us today.

Yes1 ET zone is in the midst of our Dec Day Camp- Camp BELIEVE.

Camp Believe Flyer

The anointing of God is really strong even during our 1st day today. I believe, it’s our prayers (early morning PMs on this week!) + our fasting (3-7 days) that made a tremendous difference. So I am believing for many lives to be changed. Are you believing too?! If you believe, you shall receive. :)

Anyway, I am desperately trying to finish my mountain of work right now since tomorrow I will be at the camp. It’s really stretching to have alot of work + early morning prayer meetings + fastings + camp + sunday fiesta all happening in ONE week! BUT, dreams do come through much activities. So, we shall go through this merry busy season.

Will end off this post with our ET zone camp trailer! Enjoy!

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