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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Sights of Hong Kong

Although Jared and I slept for only an hour + the night before trying to clear our work and our packing, we were really looking forward to our holiday together in Hong Kong.

Deep down in my heart, I am wondering why Jared would want to go HK cos I know HK is my paradise- a shopping paradise.

Well, anyway, we’ll see. :)

We landed in HK on Sat afternoon. Stayed there for 4 days and nights altogether. In this blog post, I will just put up pictures of the beautiful city of HK.

This is the hotel we stayed in- Park Hotel (it was also our wedding hotel in SG!:)).



Though it was our option B, it was really a blessing in disguise! It is situated right smack in Tsim Sha Tsui district in Kowloon. After walking around for these 4 days, we both agreed that TST is the nicest place to walk around.

We have Queen’s bakery beside the hotel, opposite is Charlie Brown cafe,

Copy of DSC01028

there are many shops retailing shoes, perfumes and bags, cafes, restaurants, CD shops… mostly opened till late into the night!

We really enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city life here.


TST is a very happening place! We do not have to worry about shopping and eating late into the night :)

On Day 2, we went to watch the nightly Symphony of Lights at the Avenue of Stars. It was @ the TST district, so we walked over.

Along the way, we sighted the biggest branded bag (Polo Santa Roberta… Is it Polo Ralph Lauren? Santa Barbara? Roberta?!)


When we reached the Avenue of Stars, we saw that the outline of their 44 skyscrapers really beat SG’s.

At 8pm, a couple of the taller buildings started to emit laser lights. And not forgetting, the sound of some cultural music playing in the background.

10 mins into the show, I kept asking Jared “That’s it? This is the Symphony of Lights? Did we miss something?”

Jared’s reply was, “What a waste of electricity…. Every night they do this? Goodness…”

Well, we were both disappointed although maybe not in the same things…!

On Day 3, we ventured up… to Victoria Peak! Here are some pictures taken on our way up.




We should be going somewhere…. there?

DSC01077 DSC01078

Beautiful architecture…. the buildings @ the ‘Raffles Place’ of Hong Kong.


It was an uphill task to get to the peak tram station… which will bring us further UUUPPP to the peak.




The tram…. look at the crowd….


We had to say ‘Bye bye’ to this tram and wait for the next…

it was quite fun going up Victoria peak because it was just amazing to see how the buildings were erected on the slopes! The tram was like moving vertically up the slope and gosh, how scary the buildings look… quite not the right way up!

Finally we reached and had to pay to get to the top viewing gallery for the awesome view and air.

But it was worth it.

Victoria Peak at about 6:30pm on 9 Nov, 2009.



We were also wanting to go and check out Madam Trussarde’s BUT… it was closed at 6pm that day for a private function. SO SAD!!! :(

So we left the peak and went to stroll along Lan Kwai Fong which was nearby. It was like the Holland V of Hong Kong.

DSC01112 DSC01111

The next day, we decided to visit Ocean Park.


Our tickets!

DSC01157 DSC01158

This is a must-take photo… proof that we’ve been here!

The 1st ride we took- Rushing River


After the space shuttle ride, our siew mais were already at our throats…

So we just took pictures of the mine train.




Then we took this ride which allowed us to take the 360 degree overall view of Ocean Park:


So that’s it! Stay tuned for food and shopping! :)

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San said...

Looks so fun!!! Man I am missing HK too! :P