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Saturday, November 21, 2009

My TCM experience

The most in-thing in my family lately (hubby’s side) is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM for short).

My mum-in-law swears by it. My dad-in-law listens to no other doc but this one. The other-in-laws are amazed by his diagnosis.

Well, so my mum-in-law (who started it all) ‘evangelized’ the ‘good' news to me and brought me with her to the sinseh @ Sin Nam Medical Hall which is located all the way at Yishun (yes Yishun) St 71.


My MIL says the sinseh, who has a stylo name- Jeremiah, will not see anyone who does not make a prior appointment. Whoa.

When I reached the place, there were chairs outside the clinic. We had to take a queue number too. Ok…Pretty impressive.

Jeremiah also does not allow the ‘patient’ to attend his consultation accompanied. His logic? So that he can focus on the ‘patient’… or is it because the ‘patient’ would not be distracted…? Something along that line…

Anyway, it was my turn to see him. My greeting was returned with a ‘Hmm'. Ok, no nonsense here. WITHOUT A WORD, Jeremiah felt my pulse on both wrists, one at a time and he also took a hard look at both my palms. Strangely, he finally lightly scratched at my wrists and watched the effects. Maybe the faster the scratch marks faint away, the healthier I am? Hmmm….. Meanwhile, Jeremiah scribbled away while he looked at my hands.

Well, I know that TCM practitioners claim they can check the state of one’s health and internal organs by looking at the palm.


Finally the words were spoken. A couple of stuffs he said was really accurate. Some stuffs I do not know cos I can’t see! The rest, he ‘prophesized’ will happen (yikes!).

He also banned some foods on my food list, eg: No cold and fruit drinks (Gosh!), no cabbage (huh?), eat tomatoes and carrots cooked, no pancakes etc etc.

Therefore, my first consultation ended with a rather substantial bill for one week’s worth of medicine, yukky medicine that I had to take 3 times a week,

DSC01197 DSC01201


and a whole list of banned food….

So do I believe and persist in TCM? We shall see….



Anonymous said...

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NiceGuy said...

Thanks for sharing. God Bless!

JC said...

can I know did the TCM help u to conceive?

Priscilla Yeo said...

My friend had also recommended me this clinic for my prolonged cough.

How was your treatment after this?

Jc said...

What are the operating hours? Tried calling many times but no one is pickin up. Do I need to make an appointment ?