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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hong Kong – Shopping Paradise :)

Not for Jared… but for me!

Day 1… Just by walking around TST area near our hotel, I picked up some stuffs…


I bought the clothes at a shop called Maple, located at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hankow Road. They have a few branches in HK. The best thing about this shop- They open till MIDNIGHT!!! Dream shop!

We also bought stuffs for Jared’s nephew and niece @ H&M


The kids’ selection at the TST branch at I think Salisbury Road, is amazing! They have 7 cuts of jeans for the little boys and girls!

After visiting 2 H&M branches in HK, we now conclude that H&M is much cheaper in America and Europe. So we got nothing from H&M HK.

Loot from Day 2…



We went to Arglye Centre (Wang Jiao Zhong Xin) @ Mongkok. It’s like the Far East Plaza of HK.

Even though the shops are starting to sell thicker clothings for winter, I could still get many great stuffs for sunny SG. :)

I bought 4 leggings/jeggings this trips! For now, I am preferring to wear the oh-so-comfy leggings than jeans.

Day 3, we went to walk Temple Street. We heard it’s like a giant pasar malam. It’s true! But it was quite fun to walk around and see the interesting stuffs they stock. Cute bedroom slippers, all sorts of toys, pretty nice jewellery (I bought a bunch of bangles here!), fake branded stuffs etc etc.



Felt peace when we walked here because…



We also went to HK Industrial Centre @ Lai Chi Kok. It’s like the City Plaza of HK. But too bad I was there on the stock arrival day- Monday… Retailers were there haggling with the wholesalers, and men were unloading HUGE BAGS of …. clothes/bags/shoes!


Many of the shops did not entertain customers like me that day. Either that or they would mark up the price by ALOT more for customers as compared to the price they give retailers. So, in the end, I only managed to buy from 2 shops. :( 

In a sense, that’s good too…. if not, my wallet would have been FURTHER drained.


So if you are interested to visit the shops there, as advised by 1 of the wholesalers, go on a Saturday. Sundays are closed.

Another thing to note about the shops in HK (with the exception of departmental stores) are that they generally do not allow customers to try on the clothes. Most of them sell free-sized clothes though. So you either buy clothes that you are v confident of fitting into or else risk giving away lotsa X’mas presents!

So for me, this was indeed a FRUITFUL but quite a tiring trip! :)))



Denise and Debbie said...

I hope I can say the same of my BKK trip next month! Bringing half-filled luggages to fill them up...:)

Jerb said...

Wow, u sound VERY excited for it! Ok, jiayou, you can FILL it. :)

Anonymous said...

hello ms jerb,i love your black flat shoes.Where (what store) did you buy them ??gucci style,im going to hk next week,
katie :)

Jerb said...

Hi Katie, I bought it at Mongkok Centre :) Enjoy your trip!