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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Healthy eating

I feel really blessed this week. My mum-in-law has been preparing my meals and delivering them to my house (thank God she lives across the street) for the last few days.

Boy, I’ve never eaten so healthily for such a long stretch of time before! Because I was unwell, I had nothing fried, no snacks, no chilli (my MIL thinks it’s bad for my health… but that’s because I eat ALOT), no cold drinks…

Almost everyday, I eat porridge or soup with rice. My MIL even cooks brown rice porridge for me a couple of times. Everything is boiled and steamed. I think I am starting to radiate with good health! Keke… I hope so.

Tonight, my MIL was unable to cook for me. But she so nicely bought the raw food and asked me to cook them myself! HAHA! I haven’t cooked for such a long time!

Here’s my very healthy dinner….

Dish #1 Steamed rice


Dish #2 Pomfret+chinese mushrooms+ginger+garlic+sesame oil+soya sauce

---> steam


Dish #3 Vege

Tomatoes+broccoli+carrots+salt+mushroom oyster sauce+garlic


I was thinking whether to pan-fry this dish… But since I was already so healthy, I might as well be healthy all the way!




I steamed the dish as well!

And ta-da… presenting my home-cooked dinner (you are right, Jared had none of this)…


Verdict: The fish was nice… I love pomfret.

But the vege was … it was… kinda raw…

Lesson learnt: It’s better to pan-fry my vege. And I should leave the cooking to my MIL.

Well, I do hope I keep up with healthy eating anyway…!


San said...

Wow!!! Healthy eating indeed! :D

polkamuffins said...

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Klessis said...

kekekeke..Healthy eating is always good! And steaming is the most harmless style of cooking in the kitchen.. no smoke, no grease!

bernicekoo said...

WOW Jerb, superb food discipline you have! Jia you w the healthy diet, you can do it! :) Hee

Anonymous said...

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Bravo, the excellent answer.

Anonymous said...

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