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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shopping Junkies

Yes, i am a shopping junkie. And so is my good friend Sandra. And so are the many many females out there :)

We don’t just own a couple of earrings, shoes, belts etc etc... We purchase 1 item every other week! We don’t just have clothes enough to settle the 7 days in a week… We own an overflowing wardrobe of clothes! I sometimes even ‘shop’ within my wardrobe… finding pieces that I didn’t quite remember existed in my collection! And I know, the men just like my hubby, would NEVER comprehend our insatiable desire for things BRAND-NEW. :)

And so out of our desire to shop, Sandra and I decided to start our own blogshop – Shopping Junkies @! We mainly would be selling our handmade jewelry. So if you are like us, into accessorizing for every kind of occasion and for every color scheme of dressing OR you are wanting to get a good gift for a girlfriend, do pop by our online store! In fact, we have already launched 3 collections to date. :) The latest one being our Deepavali collection featuring gold jewelry! Check these out…!




So do lend your support and visit us… and BUY from us something u like! :)

THANKS in advance!!!

P.S: Do feel free to tell us what kinds of designs you would like to see. Your feedback is valuable to us!

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