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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthdays & Weddings

There are so many events happening in Oct. Here are some that took place within the 2nd half of this week….!

DAN THE MAN’s 20TH BIRTHDAY!   Events Oct 09 002

We tried to surprise him… He really ‘gave us face’ by acting so surprised!

Events Oct 09 001

Events Oct 09 003 Events Oct 09 004

It’s really amazing to see my little bro transform from a cute innocent kid, to a blur Pri sch boy, to a troubled teen (long story…) and after being touched by God, now a real MAN… He’s cool, very fashionable, a man of few words but really loves God and people alot.:) I am so proud of you Dan! May you continue to grow in the grace and likeness of God!


I’m really happy for Esther! She found a good catch. HAHA! And we somehow know, he will really love and care for her always. CONGRATS Esther!

Events Oct 09 005


Events Oct 09 020

When I first stepped into this newly renovated SAF seaview resort Changi chalet, I was impressed. The place was big, had new, stylish furnishings, by the sea… and bustling with excited little kids!

Events Oct 09 011

Just outside the chalet, this cow sign leads u down the stairs, right to the beach. Nice!

My sister-in-law got a whole kids’ party package which included an outdoor sand art station for the kids! They had 12 big palettes of colored sand to choose from.

Events Oct 09 008

Birthday boy busying with his sand picture. I realized children have no sense of color scheme… they just want their pictures very very COLORFUL! Blue eyes, orange hair, multicolored body/clothes, green hands, purple butt…

Events Oct 09 017

My mum-in-law also did a piece of art…!

Events Oct 09 007

Jas also decided to try…

Events Oct 09 006

There was a magician who made balloons into all sorts of shapes for the kids. There were balloon guns, flowers, cartoon characters…They loved it!

Events Oct 09 009 Events Oct 09 013

This little kid even had a balloon hat which he wore thro’out the party! (Wait till he sees his picture 10 years later…)

Events Oct 09 014 Events Oct 09 016

My MIL with Rae-anne the birthday girl! She also has a ‘Minnie Mouse holding a heart shaped flower’  balloon sculpture. :)Events Oct 09 010 

Isn’t she cute???

So I tried to take pictures with her too. She just wouldn’t look at the camera..

Events Oct 09 027 

Events Oct 09 030

Then another thing that made the kids VERY excited….

So excited they even queued up for it…!

Events Oct 09 019

The appearance of the purple barney pinata!

Events Oct 09 015

Events Oct 09 018

The kids had to take turns to strike at the pinata once. Let’s see the birthday boy’s 2 attempts at it… The 1st was rather weak.

For the 2nd attempt, he really tried MUCH harder!


And finally the pinata broke and out fell the glittery papers together with little sweets and toys… No wonder the kids went crazy!

And notice the Barney’s head swinging around during the middle segment of the video. Pretty scary…!


Check out the cakes next. Both cakes cost $308 (from Pine Garden)!

Rae-anne’s Minnie Mouse cake.

it’s Chocolate liquor flavor! Definitely not for the 1-year olds!

Events Oct 09 024

Ryan’s favorite Dinosaurs cake!

Events Oct 09 023


Next up, Jared’s present to his beloved nephew… A GREEN bike with a yellow helmet. This Uncle really adores his nephew…

Events Oct 09 033 Events Oct 09 034

Here’s another 1 of Ryan’s birthday present… the ET leaders would be able to find this familiar… A gigantic 1m+ long NERF gun! AAARRRRHHHH!


I think this birthday party is a huge success and ALL the kids would definitely agree!

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Jayme Shing said...

The barney head really looks v scary but amusing as well!!! hahaha!!! Looks like a really fun party! And the NERF gun is soooooo long!!!!!