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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The more creative part of me

I must stress - ‘MORE creative’. I guess everyone loves creativity. The sense of satisfaction you have in producing a beautiful piece of art in the various forms. Music, paintings, sculptures, stories, food and so many more!

I LOVE being creative! How I wished I was more creative… God hear my cry! I think I am rather arty… but as the saying goes, I am a jack of quite a few trades but a master of none.

I play the piano and guitar. I used to be in drama in primary school… HAHA! I was card-maker in my earlier CGs and my art pieces were often displayed in class. I got quite a good sense of design, colors, etc. So not bad, but not very good either..! As Singaporeans would say, I am ‘ROJAK’.

Anyway, I love being creative… but sometimes, life can get so busy.

Recently, 1 of my pals stirred up the passion and creativity from within me once again. In fact, I think we stirred each other up to restart our engines. So these days, instead of shopping or watching movies, I stay at home (this part Jared likes very much), to do my current hobby or rather my venture- making earrings!

Ahem! Yes, I can do earrings okkkk…. :) And I plan to branch out to make lovely necklaces and bracelets… maybe… Nice dream for now.

Anyway, here are some of my creations which I would be putting up for sale soon. Watch this space for more details coming up! What do you think?

Ear 1

ear 2

Ear 3

ear 4


grace.tan said...

Woooaah! the earrings look great and i liked China Wine :D

San said...

AWESOME earrings!!!

bohochick said...

The earrings look awesome :)

Jerb said...

Thanks gals for the encouragement! :)