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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mass Pedicure Session

Today, a few of us colleagues – Grace, Baoting, Cynthia, Wendy, Sandra and I decided to have a gals’ Monday out. And some of us had lunch together at Central Thai restaurant @ Orchard Central (many of the the shops including the eateries are not opened yet!), before we went for a mass pedicure session at Wax in The City @ the same mall! :)

Sadly, we couldn’t all do it together at one go. Wen, San and I decided to wait and go for the 2nd batch.

When it was our turn, we sat in our huge comfy seats. I was feeling rather relaxed until this skinny chap sat in front of me… ready to massage my feet and start the pedicure! I felt absolutely UNEASY! A male pedicurist?? But I got used to it after a while….

Anyway, I did something different today… I requested for crystals.


Not bad. Should be wearing opened-toe shoes for the next few weeks! :)

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