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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Current reads

Ok, I know I haven’t been blogging for the longest time. I almost forgot I had a blog!

Well, these few weeks have been busy @ work and stuffs. But I have been reading quite a bit…especially on the way to work. And as a result of these reads, I have got a renewed passion… to pray!

Books 001

Ps Phil’s ‘Inspired to Pray’! It’s soooo easy to read. I love the introduction where he quotes egs of great men and women who pray and just talking about the importance of prayer itself. How inspiring! He has a word on prayer for each page. But I think you shouldn’t read more than 3 pages a day. Cos you need to meditate on the word. It’s like you can’t eat too many bowls of bird’s nest and abalone at one go… right? ;)


Read THIS! That is if you want to have a prayer revival in your life! AWESOME book! I am currently RE-reading this book. It’s amazing to know that Ps Cho’s key to revival and growth is simply PRAYER. Amazing….

And of course, this is the more ‘not so spiritual’ reads that I really enjoy as well!


In my opinion, this magazine is the best shopping magazine in SG. IN MY OPINION. I get totally inspired as well…. inspired to SHOP after reading this. I think Jared will start to throw these mags away after reading this….!

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