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Monday, August 17, 2009

Jasmine's graduation

I am so proud of my sister... She just graduated from the SOT 2009 class last Saturday!

Being through SOT, I understood the sacrifices (early mornings and time spent) & hard work (assignments, bible readings, exams) involved... in exchange for a greater knowledge of God and His Word. So well done to Jasmine and to my cg members- Sandy, Seewan, Darren and Nicole! You all made it!!! :)

Here are some pics we took...


Happy family :)

And Jas wanted to capture herself in pictures PREACHING....


Her word must have brought confusion... Dan looked awed, Jared looked pleased and I was giggling... What mixed reactions!

So we tried again...

preaching 2

And finally, we succeeded in synchronizing our reactions...preaching

Shocked! HAHAHA!


Jas giving bible study. (She requested that her student looked convicted...)

We really laughed like crazy while taking photos. Jas is really WACKY!

After that, we went out to Sakae for a celebration. We had their supper buffet... YUM!



After that Jas treated us to Swensen's! We took some time to decide what to eat after such a full meal!


We really pigged out...



It was a really good time we had together. I pray Jas will really take the Word and encounters to her life after SOT and shine for Jesus. All the way! :)


San said...

Congrats Jasmine!!!!! ;)

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

Jasmine is so bo liao...:)

bernicekoo said...

Hahaha wah like that also can?! But so funny!