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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I feel really happy and satisfied today. No BIG miracle, no fantastic testimony. It’s just the little little things that added up. :)

I feel happy because…

I started my day looking after a colleague in hospital. It’s true what the Bible says about being blessed by being a blessing! I just feel happy. :)

I met Jiahui there @ the hospital and we 3 had a short but good time with one another.

I did alot of fruitful work today @ the office even though time was shorter today. I pray for wisdom, to be fruitful and to add value to church daily. I love what I do!

I enjoyed preaching today! I hope my members were blessed and made strong decisions….!

Encouraged, imparted, taught and rebuked (!) a good helper today. May she grow strong in her leadership and be of good courage!

Glad to see San come down all the way to find me to go through the word! Yes! The glory of the youth is their strength… so work hard, sow hard and reap well!

Excited to hear about Xiaoshi’s party next week! So many friends! All the way!

Cleaned my old house together with Richard and Sijia after the CG today. Thanks for staying behind and working with me. I feel so much love poured out for my siblings as I washed their toilets just now.

Helped a member to find out some info. He must have thought I have forgotten. Anyway, it was just 2 phonecalls made to find out about the info! Once again, blessed to be a small blessing… :)

So, I just want to say, I am really overflowingly happy in the Lord today! Thank u Jesus for the small small things!


Serene (Singapore) said...

I too feel "happy" and uplifted reading about your day! An attitude of gratitude goes a long way! :)

Jerb said...

I agree! Contentment is great gain... :)