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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Prayers Answered!

When we reached the hospital on Sunday, our Auntie looked in a very sorry state. Some of the relatives started crying...

Day 1- Sunday: She was vomiting blood. They needed to insert tubes into her nose and mouth to drain out the blood. But I thought they did such a bad job of putting the tubes into my auntie's nose and mouth...! Doctor asked us to prepare for the worst.

Day 2- Monday: We prayed and watched over her the entire Monday @ the hospital. We spoke to her, prayed over her, even let her hear Chinese Christian music. But she was still unconscious. However doc said she was more stable. Minimal bleeding. PTL!

BUT, thanks to all our wonderful prayers...

Day 3- Tuesday, 4.30pm: Auntie MIRACULOUSLY awoke! She was lucid and even though her voice was super small and super husky, she related her fears and thoughts during her time @ the hospital to us, non-stop for 1.5 hours! Amazing burst of energy!

Aunt 2

But who's complaining??? We were so so so so happy to hear her talk! And we got to let her see and hear us just before we left for the airport! Thank you Jesus!

So before we go, we prayed for her... in Hokkien. Wow! But, our God understands (discerns) even the most broken Hokkien. HAHA!

So, THANK U to everybody for saying that prayer for her. Cos even my cousins say it's a MIRACLE! PTL!

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