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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pray for auntie...

As I am writing this now... my cousin is sms-ing me about my 3rd auntie's (my dad's sister) condition. She lives in Malaysia. She is the most 'fun' auntie we ever had. We always enjoyed her company and good food that she would lovingly prepare. But she is in the operating theatre now...

My siblings and I are only able to reach Malaysia tomorrow late afternoon. We are praying she will pull through...

This scene seemed so familiar.

Months ago, my 2nd auntie, who is this auntie's elder sister, also struggled with viral infection, but lost the fight....

If we were not going to Malaysia, we should have been visiting our maternal grandma who had been very frail lately due to 4 falls she had this year.

And, I would be visiting my grandma-in-law, who just got hospitalized yesterday when she complained of dizziness. She is suspected to have a heart problem.

In the past 1 week, I also heard of 1 other death and another coma case.

Ok, I don't want to get into the morbidity of things. But I do feel kind of heavy hearted... The death of a loved one is very dreaded. It means you would not see the person again... till in Heaven. Provided he/she goes to heaven.

Yet death is such a natural part of life.

But I really thank God. While working just now, I heard Dr AR Bernard during the Sat night Expo service. He reminded us that our life must never be dependent on a thing or person. Our meaning and security in life must never be found in that thing or person. This is because all things including people will pass away one day... Our loved ones, our $$, our careers, our friends. I think God sent His word in season to comfort and encourage me.

God and only Him alone, will not pass away. He will never ever change in His great character and in His love for us. And one day, I will meet God. We will meet God.

Today's message and the events that happen really set me thinking. I will love and treasure the people around me. You never know when people will slip away. And I sure do not want a quarrel or a cold war to happen and not see a someone ever again. With this, I will become more patient. More long-suffering. Less angry. Less bitter. Less petty.

And most important of all, I will grow my love for the Lord even more by sowing into this wonderful relationship with Him.

So pray for my auntie. We really hope she can see and hear us... We want to remind her once again, that Jesus loves her very much.


Jayme Shing said...

Hey Jerb,

What a great entry you have written. Nearly in tears when i read it. This week, one of my member's best friend passed away too, it was a v sudden death. It also reminded me and all my cg members that life is so unpredictable and we should always treasure the people around us.

I just said a prayer for your auntie, believe that God who is the source of life will do a miracle :)



Jerb said...

Thanks Shing!!! Your prayers came to pass!