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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Arts Exhibition @ Old School

On Thursday evening, we made our way to Old School @ Mount Sophia Road to visit our upcoming Graphic Designer Soh Shi Shi cos she is exhibiting her final year project there! Congrats Shi!


This booth is about Emotions vs Logic. Check out the questions...


Why is 6 afraid of 7?




Because 7, 8, 9 (7 'ate' 9)


When do giraffes have 8 feet?




When there are 2 giraffes...

HAHA ok.. pretty lame huh?


You could almost hear Cicil's signature giggle "Heh-heh-heh-heh".

Next up... we visited this booth that was about Love. Richard was keen to try the Love Maze...


"O God... please help me get out of this Love Maze smoothly and QUICKLY!"


Good luck Richard....


Look at how FOCUSED, INTENSED Richard was...


Richard got out of the maze in less than 5 minutes! Can you see the black, long wriggly line?

Other booths we visited....


Here's another INTERESTING booth that provided a carrier plus various weights to allow us to experience how a pregnant mother carries her unborn child in the different weeks of pregnancy. Fun!

1st person to try was....





DSCF2705 Yours truly!

Conclusion: Heavy meh?

And of cos the BEST booth in MY totally unbiased opinion was our dearest Shi Shi's!

Her theme was 'Go Green' and she and her project mates thought of green ideas and inventions for 6 months of the year!


A fake wheel clamp. It's really to create awareness... drive lesser! She actually 'clamped' a few VIP cars during the opening day of the exhibition! Way to go!


Notebooks using recycled paper. Anybody wants to buy Green notebooks? Please call me... I selling... Shi Shi thought me how to make a notebook at low low cost, and probably can finish one in 15 mins. Wow. Creative! $$$!

And finally, unveiling dee DESIGNER herself and her 2 innovative ideas!


On the left, is a $1 wooden spatula which is supposed to be given out with an attached cool looking flyer to urge people to cook more often! On the flyer is a simple recipe. I mean Shi Shi is right. If I received a flyer, I would throw. If I received a spatula, I would keep it in my bag first, bring it home then decide what to do with it. Higher chances of people reading the message... Smart....

On her right, is a wooden stick stuck in between 2 fat sponges at the top. Shi and team researched that in the past, people used this during times when toilet paper was not invented.


Yes. They use this to clean themselves after their business... then dip it inside salt water (which is believed to be a disinfectant) so that the next user can ... Gulp... use. So gross right?? I told Shi that Singaporeans so atas, sure will never go back to using... THIS. Too rough anyway....

Well, Shi just got informed that her exhibits were among the 2 out of the whole exhibition, selected to be presented at the AYG!

CONGRATS SHI! Thanks for inviting us down. We do need some arty inspirations in our lives!!! (;




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