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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Animals Galore @ the Singapore Zoo


That's right. The only place with the Ah Meng's memorial is at the Singapore Zoological Gardens!

Jared and I visited it this morning... for free! Jared's company organized a Family Day there and employees and their families get to go for free. :)


Cool tickets!

That's great because the usual price of an adult ticket is S$18 and because it's been yearSSS since we last visited the Zoo.

So off we went!

@ the entrance...

 DSCF2820 DSCF2821

We were excited! And we think that the Zoo did not let us down! It has changed so much (for the better!) since the last time we came...

The zoo is pretty much divided into themes... eg: we saw the cats at the Africa Wildlife section.


At the Australian Outback section...

We saw something that caught our eye.


This bird is of equal value to a WOMAN at one time in New Guinea! What bird is this??!!

When I lifted my eyes to look for this MARVELOUS bird, I saw this from afar....


I got to take a closer look...


What a bird! Look at its claws! Jared commented that it's a chicken X10!!!

We also saw kangaroos and emus super close up... I think they could EASILY jump onto the visitors' path... See for yourself!



And Jared was awed by the emus... why? Because....



And I learnt a few new things at the zoo...

I realized that the polar bears are REALLY TALL.


And pygmy hippos are REALLY BIG...


Taken behind the glass panel... but see the reflection of shoe here and compare the size....!

And that the Proboscis Monkey's nose is really sharp...


And And, elephants' footprints are REALLY HUGE!



At 11am, we also went to the Splash Amphitheatre to catch a show... It was C-R-O-W-D-E-D!


The sea lion- Philip (what a human name...) was really smart! He could splash water, act sleeping, do flips in the water, act like a seal (yes there is a difference betw a seal and a sea lion), balance a ball and catch frisbee.

I tried to take a picture with him at the end of the show... I can't be bothered to queue up to take a picture NEXT to him!


I asked Jared which animal he liked best here.

Well, he said he liked the giraffes...



He just had to take a picture with them...


No wonder Shing is in his subzone... And here's something I learnt about Shing...


The giraffe's tongue is most flexible and can reach a max length of 53cm!!! Well done Shing! HAHAHA!

I quite liked the zebras... Maybe that's why I have quite a lot of striped clothes...


Oops sorry... wrong animal...


I love their stripes! They must be a very fashionable animal together with the leopards!

ze ri


Anyway... both of us concluded that we enjoyed sighting the BABOONS best! We witnessed their community living and were really captivated by their... well ah... butts.


So many of them!


The boss overseeing the rest... He is big and he looked almost wise...


Family lunch time...


A close up of their heart-shaped butts. The biggest one is the leader- the dominant male (aka MCP?).


Baby baboon hanging on to its mummy!

Don't you think baboons are cute???

Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves this morning even though at the end of the 2.5 hours that we were there, we were craving for seats, aircon and food!




Jayme Shing said...

HAHA!!! 53cm?!?! Wahhhh I didnt know i had such longggg tongue man!!

I love the zebras too!! When i was at the zoo last year, i went back twice to see them again! I love their stripes!!!

San said...

Haha! U love the same animals as Jay. He adored the giraffes. Since seeing their feeding time and those tongues, he keeps sticking out his! :P

Jerb said...

Haha shing! U must try sticking out your tongue for us to see!

San... Jay so cute! Ok, next time I will ask him to do 'giraffe face'! (: