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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Al-Ameen & Ishi Mura

No... They are not the names of my Japanese and Malay friends! But the names of 2 good eating places I went to recently.

Al-Ameen Eating House

Jared and I were @ Bukit Timah Road settling some stuffs and so decided to have our dinner there. Al-Ameen was NOT our first choice. We went to Johnson Lock duck...

Cos we remembered the days where our parents bought the famous (whole) duck back for our families to eat. With the absolutely delicious, must-have black sauce and yellow sweet-sour ginger sauce!!! Thinking of it makes me almost want to droooool. Anyway, I think the sweet sour sauce has disappeared... And I wonder why.

And so we ordered duck rice there. I was really excited to eat Johnson duck again.

But we were totally DISAPPOINTED. The rice was not fragrant, the duck was average and the black sauce was bland. :p

Please dun go there.

So, we didn't finish our rice, and went down the row of shops, to Al-Ameen- which serves pratas and other Malay food.

What can I say? There were so many types of pratas! I almost caved in to the temptation of ordering the V sinful ice-cream prataaaa.... Still, it was sinful pleasure we were tucking in! 4 pratas after duck rice... Gosh...

Thank God the calories were well-spent.


The mushroom cheese prata was SUMPTIOUS. The thickness was just nice and it was crispy on the first bite but chewy as you continued chewing. I thought the banana prata would taste wierd. I mean... sweet bananas + saltish curry = ?? But it turned out alright. The plain pratas were good too!

This place also serves many variations of the coffee, tea, milo and bandung drinks. I heard of milo dinosaur, but have you heard of milo king kong??! Wow! But we just couldn't order such drinks cos we would have to run many km to get rid of that night's dinner!

Next place...

Ishi Mura

Ishi Mura

It looks like a restaurant right? But it is not. It's a Japanese foodcourt located @ Pomo centre (Selegie Road) on the top floor. I think it has about 10 stalls? Selling all kinds of Jap food- Omu rice, Jap caifan, tempuras, sushi, ramen, Jap pizza and spaghetti (hmm.. not so Jap...) and even Jap desserts etc etc.


Yup foodcourt here means foodcourt prices (The food we ordered were all below $6 each!). But the quality was very good! Better than expected!

Here's our food...


Salmon omu rice

Totally yummy esp if you love cream sauce... cos the plate is flooding with cream sauce! The egg is cooked to creamy perfection. But the rice was a tad 'nua', but still good when eaten with the sauce. The salmon was not bad.


Char Siew Ramen

The soup was good stock boiled well! It's unlike those bland soups that are served in foodcourts these days. The noodles, according to Jared, is smoother than usual. True or biased? HAHA, I am not sure!



(Jap) Ham and Cheese pizza

The pictures speak louder than words. It was fabulous! I am not a pizza fan at all, but this is really delicious and a must-try! The crust is crispy thin... so it doesnt leave you full with the carbo. The ingredients are fresh and aplenty! I loved the seafood flakes on it! And best thing is the pizza costs $5.90! *Love!

So do try the above food! Enjoy!



Klessis said...

The pizza looked so good it made me crave for hawaiian pizza!!!

And guess what? I just ordered hawaiian pizza home delivery! hahaha..

Jerb said...

Wah, impulsive buying! But ok la, u have lost so much weight, can afford! :)