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Monday, June 01, 2009

Up close & personal with Sun Ho

This week's issue of the 8 days magazine has a very colorful and uniquely cool cover page.

Look closely.....

It's Sun Ho @ New York!



After so long, we finally could read more about Sun locally!

I felt so proud of her when I read about her achievements in her career as well as in her many humanitarian works.

The interview also prepared us for a very up-tempo English album that she is about to release. Americans don't like ballads as much as Asians do.... They go to the toilet or talk when a singer sings ballads during concerts! I didn't know that for sure!

It was also great to see so many photos of Sun. She is so fashionable! (:

So, go grab your 8 days!

Anyway, I also realized, much to my great delight, that Sun now has a new blog! Ok, not soooo new... And she video blogs, so you get to hear and see her in action.

Here's Sun talking about eating Indonesian food in US.


Here's Sun eating ramen... with little Dayan!


So, do check out Sun's blog.... enjoy!


San said...

Yeah! I read the mag and it IS an awesome report! She looks sooooo good!

ED said...

Yes...Love Sun Ho's blog as well!

Filled with really interesting videos!

jessong- said...

sun ho is a christian hypocrite. I remember her saying during a service at chc that it would be improper for girls to dress immodestly. Clearly her mtv is extremely contradictory to christian values.

Anonymous said...

Jessong, can u differentiate between REEL life and REAL life? U expect Geisha to look like dumpling and look very modest izit? Dat's crazy...Anw, before you criticize other ppl being a hypocrite, have u ever been a hypocrite oso? I think if you say "No", then u can criticize...but i think then you would be a LIAR. If in any point in time of your life, you have been a Hypocrite, then i think u sld just shuddup!