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Saturday, June 06, 2009

My youngest outing companion

About a month ago, I had an outing with the youngest companion I've ever went out with in my life... alone. As far as I could remember.

Jared's 5-year old nephew, Ryan.


Yes, doesn't he look absolutely angelic here?

His parents had work that Saturday afternoon, my mum & sis-in-law had to attend to something and Jared had PM. That left ME.

Hmmm... I was wondering how these 5 hours of my life on that Saturday would be like.... I was quite looking forward to bringing him out alone though. My first baby-sitting experience!

When I brought Ryan out, he was not only well-behaved, but also rather 'entertaining'... I had many interesting conversations with him! I would need another blog post just to talk about 'Conversations with a 5-year old'! He sometimes really amazes me with the things he say (which gave me an insight into a witty 5-year old's mind... They are not as innocent as you think!).

Anyway, I bought him sweets and chocolates and Mac Donald's Happy Meal and ice-cream that day.... I think his mum would have killed me if she knew I fed him like that. It was supposed to be duck noodles or fishball kway teow... Oops....



But, Ryan wouldn't tell too! He told me "Aunty Jerb, please don't tell my mummy that you bought all these food ok? She don't like it..."

HAHA! But it was definitely a good feeling to brighten up a little child's day! Furthermore, it's not everyday that I go out with him right?! ;p

Anyway, I bought some bananas (the few fruits he would eat) to add some nutrition for the day! And to ease my guilt of buying him so much rubbish....

I also learned patience that day as I waited for him a few times that day....

I had a 45-minute lunch with him... No we were NOT at a buffet. We ate fastfood.... I waited for him as he chewed on his fries and nuggets for what seemed like ages...

Later, a good 20 minutes in this....


And another hour at Harry's with all the DINOSAUR toys and books he found... Yes, he loves dinosaurs!


Eventually I managed to bribe him out of Harry's by buying 2 dinosaur books for him!



To end it all, I must say it was a heart-warming day... Got mistaken to be his mother 3 times though... HAHAHA! But other then that, it was a good day. (:




Klessis said...

wow wow wow! Good to see you're enjoying it! You'll make a good patient mummy! =D

Jerb said...

I hope my patience dun run out! It was only 1 day!

Jin Lian said...

Aunty Jerb can you bring me out too! =p

Jerb said...

haha! sure sure... aunty jerb can go out with aunty jinlian! and aunty jinlian can treat! ;p

Jayme Shing said...

HAHAHA Jerb u are so funny on your reply to Aunty Jin Lian's comment! The entry is so funny with the rubbish food u feed him! haha!

Jerb said...

I think Ryan's mum wun think it's funny! Hope she doesn't read this post!