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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I hate fishbones


Yes I absolutely HATE fishbones...

Especially the ones that get stuck in your throat!

Yesterday, I was having a simple, innocent 1st meal of the day-Niang Dou Fu. Halfway during my lunch, I felt a sharp pain in my throat.

"Was it a sore throat that I felt only now?"

"Did something, maybe a chilli seed, get stuck in my throat?"

I tried to push THAT THING down by eating more kway teow. It didn't help. I tried to drink more soup. Still painful. I coughed my lungs out. Same. It was quite u-n-b-e-a-r-a-b-l-e.

I was procrastinating whether I should see a doctor. Maybe not afterall I've got food stuck in my throat before and pushing them down by swallowing liquids and other foods at once and at a fast rate used to work. Except that this time, it seemed more painful than ever before....

Finally I couldn't take it. Even when I turned my neck, the pain would happen. OK, I don't want to die because of food stuck in my neck. So my feet brought me to my family doc.

@ the clinic, the doctor looked down into my throat and he EXCLAIMED...

"O dear! There is a fishbone stuck quite deep down in your throat!""Let me see if I can try to extract it out, if not we have to admit you to A&E."


My heart started to pound very quickly... "O God, please help me... I don't want to go A&E because of a stupid fishbone...."


Thank God, the doctor managed to get it out with a curved surgical scissors. Phew! No blood, no flesh, no A&E!

And the silly fishbone was only about 1 cm short. It caused so much emotional damage in the last hour...

Moral of the story: Chew your food properly always. You bet, I took my time and slowly ate my dinner that day. And no fish or fish-related food at all... Not at least for the whole of this week!


1 comment:

Klessis said...

Oh my gosh! Pls be careful next time!