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Saturday, June 27, 2009

ET Camp CastAway in pictures!

Reached the island at 10.30am... On my left, I see


On my right, I see


Welcome to ST JOHN'S ISLAND! We arrived for Day 2 of ET Zone's Castaway Camp...!


The road from the pier to the bunks was rather long and full of slopes. About 10 minutes. Especially long for the guys cos they were carrying the lunches for 150 hungry campers!


Mr Isaac Leong (in blue) was complaining the whole way. HAHA! Morning PT for you Isaac!

Camp Medic Aileen stopped us before we entered into the camp to take our temperatures... H1N1 precautions...



Cleared! And off to the 1st morning session!

We praised...



We worshipped...



And my 偶像preacher preached! Thank God I came in time to listen to a great message on APOLOGETICS (: He tackled issues about gambling, clubbing, drinking, and why we should go to church. Preach it man!


Jared even had dramas to illustrate his points. We discovered a new talent in Mr Lim Tian Yi, who did an exaggerated mimic of a geek who needed to stay @ home to study for his 'O' levels in February. HAHAHA!

IMG00450 IMG00451

After the morning session, I proceeded to the Leaders' bunk... We didn't have air-conditioning... but there were good ol' fashioned wall mount fans!

IMG00453 IMG00454

Don't the bunk look like the army camps' except with the metal cabinets in between beds amiss??!

Anyway, I wonder who dares to sleep at the 2 ends, nearest to the doors! :S

Let's now check out the campers having lunch...

No tables!



But there's fried bee hoon with the precious fried egg and hotdog!!!

You think they look very 可怜(poor thing)? Wait till you see them from outside the room!


They look like they are in prison....

Here's the kitchen... Really quite clean right?

IMG00462 IMG00463

All thanks to See Wan who diligently & 'sacrificially' cleaned up the kitchen throughout the camp! Shall not 'destroy' her by taking her front view! HAHAHA!

Now after lunch, it's off for MORE telematch games! Their spirits and flags were high...


IMG00460 IMG00461

... but sadly the rain came down.... So we had to postpone the game till the rain stopped...

The Citrus house teams were very smart. 1 of their innovative team identification was... A yellow UMBRELLA! Great for wet weathers!


I enjoyed talking to their team as well as the protection as the rain came... Kekeke!

The teams met up to rehearse for their cheers and dramas for the last night session which will happen in a few hours time...



Here's WQ... behind bars. I really suspect he loves camps!

The rain soon stopped and the telematch is resumed!

Part 1 @ the Beach


Hmm... What's this? Cute deco?

No.. Look closer:

Item #1 - Bread


Item #2 - Cheezels


Item #3 - Long bean ?!!!?


The poor campers....

The teams had to transport members for a distance of about 100+m by piggy-backing 1 another. The person who is being carried has to use his/her mouth to eat/pull off the food items from the different colored strings as fast as possible.

Here's the pictures of our very garung campers! Some of them are... VERY strong!

IMG00470 IMG00471




IMG00478 IMG00477

IMG00479 IMG00483

IMG00481 IMG00484


Garung right??!

Next up...



What are the campers doing? CWO? Digging for gold?


Yes, this is the 'gold' that they were digging for! Waterbomb bags! They were so enthusiastic about searching for the bags so that they could make MORE bombs for their next game...


Warning: M18 photo up next....



Each team has got 6 'armour-bearers' wearing these papers. The dryest papers at the end of the journey wins BIG points!


IMG00498 IMG00500

Don't they look like some peddlers selling fishballs? Except, NO fishballs HAHA!


U don't need to be smart to guess these gals are the armour bearers!


Getting ready for their journey to the battlefield. The journey is full of dangers you'll see why...



Attackers from other teams!

But that's not the end. The big battle will happen on the field where they go all out to snatch points... and of course attack each other with their hundreds of waterbombs!



Sorry for the small pictures... I didn't dare to risk going anywhere near them!

Soon, the games for the camp ended.

At night, we had the dramas, night session plus prize presentations (including spoof awards complete with the dramatization of the persons being spoofed!). I was too busy enjoying myself to take any photos!

I must say that the campers this year are possibly the best crowd I've seen! They were open to God and His word resulting in strong presence of God in the sessions. They were sporting and spontaneous. They cheered for each other teams during the drama, they cheered when the video broke down, they sang and clapped to the music of the video as they watched it. AMAZING.

Thanks to all the youth leaders who made it such an awesome camp (according to the camp surveys collected! (:) and of course to the very on campers from....


Magenta House's teams Shamgar and Isaiah


Indigo House's teams Samson and Malachi


Citrus House's teams Elijah and Samuel


Maroon House's teams Gideon and Jonah

Enthusiasm ALWAYS makes a difference!





Novie said... enjoyable read.

Jayme Shing said...

Wah Jerb! U are the FIRST to blog the camp in full!!! hahaha! I feel so SIAN TO MISS THE FINALE!!! :(

Jerb said...

Thanks novie!

yes Shing, u missed a very fun 2nd night! (: