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Monday, May 04, 2009

What to do on weekends...?

Have you ever thought very hard what to do on public holidays and weekends when you are free, and are in Singapore?

Singapore is not like Switzerland (which I holidayed at 1 year ago)... When you want to get away, you could just board a train, go up the mountains and hike away. Enjoy Mother nature.

Here, the only things we could do are mainly- movies, shopping and food. That's about it.

Unless you come to City Harvest Church....! HAHAHAHA!

I mean it.

I honestly think my church was (and always is) the most happening place to be, especially in the last 3 weekends. Various groups had parties, concerts, movie screenings, durian parties, BBQs, picnics, sports, games etc etc after our church services.

Well, the group I was in also had our fair share of fun, Fun, FUN over the last few weekends.


2 weeks ago, 10 teams (80 people) signed up for our FASHION RUNWAY- Ed Hardy edition game!

First, the teams had to play a mini amazing race, then reach their end-point- Simsville Function Room by 2pm to start their mission- To recreate an Ed Hardy design.

Here were the designs that were given to the teams:


They were given mahjong papers, paint, newspapers, magazines and 1.5 hours. That's all!

Here were some of the work in progress:



The teamwork was great! Everyone- the arty, the not arty, the creative, the not-so-creative all chipped in to create their masterpieces!

And finally, the end product and the 'models':

I guessed this team dressed their 'model' up like some kind of king and that was why they were bowing down to him?? Funny hat....


Japanese 'model'


One of the nicest drawn picture around, especially since this group came late and had to finish everything in 45 min.

And finally, my team came in FIRST! :) They walked away with $140 Capitaland vouchers.... *Drool*


Last week, we had Sports Championship League with 7 teams (about 70 people) playing.

The event happened at Bishan Park at 2pm. Sunny hot!

The teams competed in Captain's ball and Rounders (a game like baseball).




The matches were competitive but most importantly it was great fun bonding and exercising together! ;p You could see this in our (my group - E99) faces at the end of the games:


City Harvest Church is indeed a very happening church to belong to!

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