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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Bandung Trip (Part 1) - Shopping Wheeeee!

Jared and I planned a short holiday trip to Bandung (Indonesia) last Sunday till Wednesday. It was very funny cos many of my friends who heard I am going there asked me if I was going for a mission trip!

It was a last minute decided upon destination as we deliberated on whether to go to KL, Phuket or Bandung. The cause of our final decision was a TESTIMONY!

Jared used to have an ex-sot teammate who was from Bandung. He lost his contact but found his facebook account online and sent him a message. He told him that we might be going down to Bandung, and asked if he was free to meet up on one of the days.

This Pastor friend replied 2 days later.... and with a suggested itinerary for each day for us, well-taken care by him himself! He was just sooo kind! (:

I then shared this testimony in my CG before I left for Indo. And 1 of my members who is an Indonesian heard it and informed his parents. His dad who lives in Jarkarta called him and offered to fetch us from Bandung to Jarkarta on our last day and bring us around Jarkarta before sending us to the airport at night!


So off to Bandung we went...! It was a most relaxing and 'fruitful' trip! We had lots of food, shopping, sightseeing and relaxing activities (you will see what I mean later!).

Here are the photos!


There are 60+ factory outlets (NOT shopping malls!) in Bandung alone! Many brands such as Ed Hardy, which we didn't dare buy, Guess, Armani, Abercrombie, Gap, Monarchy , Bebe etc etc are available. The real and the not so real are there but the quality is better than Bangkok's! The prices are slightly more expensive than BKK though, at about $10+-$20 for tops and $30-$50 for jeans.

We managed to only visit about 8 outlets including Rumah Mode (the most popular one), Secret (in my opinion has the most fashionable clothings), StAmp, Heritage, Natural, Cascade.

Here are our loot and I must declare that Jared bought MUCH MORE than me (:


my loot

Yes, please don't be surprised at the 'LARGE' number of clothes I bought for meself. I honestly think Bandung is more of a guys' shopping heaven than for gals. Or perhaps, I was strangely not in a very shopping mood....

Are you now ready for SOME of Jared's loot? I am too tired to take pictures of everything he bought....


Now don't you think the designs are very nice? Every factory outlet have almost very different designs! Next time, we must go Bandung buy and come back and set up blogshop and sell... Right, David? Haha!

Just a note. Their shopping malls stock very affordable and fashionable pieces too. I saw many many cute, not so real but good quality Junk Food tees there selling at $10+ each! I was soooo tempted to buy but I resisted after some thinking through cos I am really not a tee-shirt person...

So, that's about all for shopping there! I will blog about the other stuffs soooon!



San said...

Ooooo! Jared really had a big "harvest"! Haha!

Jerb said...

Yes! He was in 'shopping heaven'!

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