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Friday, May 01, 2009

Ju Ju Hokkaido Hot Pot

Yeah, another Public Holiday- May Day!

So this afternoon, after hubby went for Men Conference (which I heard was superb!), we decided to meet up and go for a good late lunch cum dinner + movie.

I wanted to go to Tao restaurant @ Paradiz centre, Selegie Road cos I remembered it for it's good food and good service. But Jared craved steamboat so we settled for the restaurant Ju Ju Hokkaido Hot Pot, which was next door to Tao.

Actually the 3 restaurants in a row there (at basement 1) are owned by the same owner, a Singaporean man.

Here's how the interior of the restaurant looks like.


Rather minimal but comfortable enough. Tables are available for group ( up to about 8) and couple dining.

This restaurant's concept was like Tao. It serves set lunch and dinner and you get to choose certain items on the menu for the set.

Jared chose the pork+chicken set, whilst I chose the fish.

Here's the food.... Enjoy!

Starters was Semi-Boiled Golden Egg with House Starters... Check it out... It's VERY interesting....


The waiter who served us explained to us about how to eat the semi-boiled egg. Take your chopstick, cut the egg into half, then pour the sauce over to eat.

We were puzzled... 'How do we cut the egg with its shell into half?'

Now look @ the egg carefully....


Were you as deceived as us?

It's a naked egg! No shell!


We are ready to feast on dee egg!


The egg and the other 2 fish and toufu starters were really quite yummy. A light, salt-ish start to a heavy meal...!

Soon, the main dish was served.

Look at Jared's pork and chicken portion...


Huge right?

But not as huge as mine....


It actually came with a whole fish (plus some special dumplings and loads of vege!)! (Of course, the kitchen staff already sliced the fish meat into thin slices...)

And the fish was served on ice! Cool...


It looked, and it really tasted fresh. (:

Jared had his ingredients cooked in Sour and Spicy Soup and I took their Ju Ju’s Hokkaido “Kun Bo” Clear Soup.



Me happily eating (:

I felt my soup was a tad bland and quite ordinary. But as we continued to dump the ingredients in, the soup tasted better and better.

Jared's soup was not spicy to him at all. So this means, the spicy soup is NOT spicy enough at all.

I enjoyed eating the cooked food with the many different types of sauces available. Especially the belachan chilli. *YUMS!

Their sweet Thai chilli sauces came in vials instead of saucers. Cool!


This meal was SUPER filling! We sat there and ate for slightly more than an hour...

Finally, we got to our drink.

Ice Plum Vinegar


Ok, don't worry. It doesn't taste like vinegar at all and it was not sour, but not very sweet either. It was very healthy tasting. In fact, the whole meal is very healthy!

And finally finally, we ended with dessert, the last item in the set. It was recommended by our friendly waiter.

Pearl Harbor (aka Mango sago, with little mango and loads of bite-sized apples...)


I must say, this dessert is not very fantastic and the portion was small. Ordinary but it is not as sweet, unlike many other fruit sagos from other places. So, once again, the health conscious would like it.

As for the service, I must say it is very good as the waiters were friendly and very prompt in their service. Like @ Tao, they would initiate to explain the menu and make recommendations. They also occasionally asked us if the food was to our liking.

All in all, we paid $46 for these 2 sets.

Here's the review:

Food start startstarthalf staf

(maybe because I don't really like steamboat and I don't fancy healthy eating as much as before anymore)

Service startstartstartstarthalf staf

Ambience startstartstart

Can try!

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