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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bandung Trip (Part 2)!

Here's Part 2 of our Bandung trip.

Here're some of the photos of the factory outlets we visited.




Don't you think the Factory Outlets look so high class?

Here below is the hustling and bustling Traditional Market. I heard that many S'poreans and M'sians buy wholesale clothes and goods from here to sell it back home...


OUR HOTELS + R&R (Rest & Relax!)

We stayed 3 nights altogether @ Bandung.

For the 1st 2 nights, we stayed at SANGRIA RESORT & SPA.

It's located at Lembang (aka Flower Town) which is at the outskirts of Bandung. Lembang is a mountainous area and thus cooler than Bandung itself.

I honestly felt a tad disappointed when we reached the hotel room. There was a strong mothball smell and NO aircon! And it looked plain.... :(

But it was quite OK as we were seldom in the room itself.


The view of the room was not bad! Of course not as scenic as the Swiss's but still facing the mountains and the wild 'jungle'!

hotel view

As the night went on, we realized why there was no aircon. It was cold! We had to cover ourselves fully with the blanket!

We realized in the morning that breakfast food offered at this resort is not so nice... just pass.

But Jared was very excited for SPA!

The Spa packages here in hotel are cheap compared to Singapore's exorbitant prices! But pricey compared to what you can find elsewhere in Indo. I heard that you could get a good spa service at S$8 here!

BUT we opted for high-class. Heehee.

My 3 hour spa on the 2nd day including hair and scalp treatment, neck/shoulder/back massage, aromatherapy bath as well as manicure & pedicure costs only S$70! Whoohoo!

Here's our individual spa room...


The jungle and mountains lie ahead of me....

spa 2

Here am I doing my manicure and pedicure in full view of the scenery... I actually fell asleep in the midst of this.This is a good life....


And here's the pics of the beautiful swimming pool. We heard it's heated on weekends...


The Spa Resort was really not bad after all!

Here are also some sightseeing that we accomplished during our short trip.



Ok, we didn't really visit the plantations. Just passed by them cos it was drizzling and it was too cloudy to appreciate the view. But Ps told us it's BEAUTIFUL. And the strawberries there were VERY sweet and fresh! When I ate it, I told Jared it seemed like they were dipped in sugar solution!

TANGKUBAN PERAHU CRATER (or 'Overturned Boat')


Heard that this volcano is partially active and last erupted in 1969!

It was cold here!

There were shops and locals selling their stuffs here... Ps told us that these sellers jack up their prices for tourists. So beware! Ps's wife bought strawberries here for the local's price of S$6 for 5 medium-sized packets! (Instead of S$2 per packet for tourists!)

vol shops

We saw many female tourists riding the horse with pink hair (see top left photo)!


Ps kindly drove us to the hotspring. 'Kindly' cos it was almost about an hour's drive there and the route was bumpy with steep curves. AND, we went there at midnight!

Ps told us that the hotspring would be rather hot earlier in the day.

Let me show you how 'warm' the place was.

jared hs

Can you see Jared in the midst of the steam??? HAHA!


The water originated from a hotspring and the temperature is at 42 degrees celsius. It was bearable, in fact very comfortable once we got used to it. Some tips from Ps...

Tip #1: You got to slowly submerge into the water. The hot water is good for blood circulation etc etc.

Tip #2: You should not stay in there for more than 20 minutes unless you come out and 'take a break'.

Tip #3: You should shower in cold water when you are done.

I had a bruise-like feeling at my back which was gone after I soaked in the hotspring.

Verdict: Jared & I liked it! ((: We slept very comfortably that night...


Our last night was spent at Hilton Bandung. It was a HUGE, NEW (5 months old) hotel and really splendid.

The staff spoke good English! Finally...

And it was cheap! At S$120 a night for a couple deluxe room. And guess what? They were having a promotion of 'stay one night, get another night FREE'!

BUT, ARGHHHH! They only informed us then when we checked in... and it was already our last day to be there! We decided to cut short our shopping that day to come back and 'enjoy' the hotel and its facilities.

Here are the pictures of the room!


The blind at the glass which separates the bedroom and toilet is remote-controlled! Wow...


We visited the lounge for complimentary drinks and some MORE drinks and snacks. Prices were very affordable. Each item cost less than S$10 unlike here in S'pore...


We loved the swimming pool there... The pictures will speak now.


I also like the shallow pool cos I am afraid of deep waters! It was only 1.2m deep. (:

Lastly, we were also very impressed by the generosity of the Hilton staff. The last morning we were there, we invited Ps and his wife for breakfast @ the hotel. Our treat.

It could have cost us S$50 per pax at least (looking at the type of food and ambience). But the staff told us they will not charge us for the extra 2 breakfasts! So solid!

We were definitely VERY pleased with Hilton. We want to come back again!!!

I think we got to have a Part 3 for our Bandung trip... To showcase some of the food we ate there!

Till then!


San said...

Ooooo! The Hilton does look good!!! Man... I am dying for a holiday too!

Jayme Shing said...

The Hilton hotel is .... WOWWWWW!!!!!!! :)

Klessis said...

I must say Bandung has never crossed my mind as a possible place for holiday.. haha.. but your entries really tempt me to go!!!

Jerb said...

Yea... Bandung is really not a bad place at all to go...! (:

Anonymous said...

Yes Bandung is among the best places for holidays (especialy for shopping and foods) in Indonesia or perhaps in Southeast Asia...the branded goods are so cheap! Look at how the wealthy Jakartans flock there during week-end! Nice blog! :)