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Monday, April 06, 2009


I read last Thursday's "Mind Your Body" about Yoga.

Guess what was the estimated number of yoga practitioners in Singapore last year?


I felt very provoked... that I am not even exercising at all these days. To think I used to be a competitive sports player... SIGH!!!

I read that the benefits of yoga include being able to destress, increase flexibility, tone and strengthen your muscles, detox and lose weight. These benefits definitely impressed me.

So on Friday, I quickly searched on the Internet for a yoga place and found PURE YOGA. I booked an appointment @ the Raffles Place branch for today and even pulled Grace along!

We had a few choices for Beginners - Hatha 1 (conditioning for body, soul and mind), Hot Hour (Condensed class for hot yoga, conditioning body and mind), Power 1 (A challenging class for Beginners involving energizing, dynamic postures) etc.

We opted for Hot Hour because we thought maybe sweating it out can burn more calories!

So Grace and I met up and we REALLY ATTENDED the 11am Hot Hour class. There were only 7 persons including us.

We used the yoga mats and soft blocks for ALOT of stretching poses. I realized my limbs were made of wood! Either that or I am totally stressed out (stress causes stiffness...)!

We had to balance and stay put, stretch and stay put. I OFTEN was off balance because

(i) I cannot stabilize myself &(ii) the aching pain of the stretches made me stop what I was doing. CANNOT TAKE IT!

And my legs. Whenever we did bending over postures, my legs were totally NOT straightened! I think I was the worst in class. :( I comforted myself by reminding myself that I was a Yoga newbie.

Let me share with you some poses that we did.



Yoga pictures


Yoga photo shoot at Srephanie Berger's studio.

These poses were NO JOKE!

Also, I sweat ALOT during the 38-42 deg celcius class. (Gracy noticed). I perspired BIG drops of sweat all over my yoga mat almost all of the time! I felt like a tap....

Finally, 60 mins came to an end. I felt good. I felt s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. I had a sudden craving to eat something healthy a green apple. HAHA! Too bad I can't for this week.

The amenities @ Pure Yoga were also impressive. You just have to bring your yoga clothes. Mats, towels, long lockers, hair dryers, showers equipped with shampoo, conditioner and bath gel were all provided for. Very clean, v classy.

Honestly, I almost signed up for the 4 times a month package. Thank God I decided to call Jared and he said it was rather expensive. It was $99 a month, and the commitment is 12 months. The package which offered unlimited sessions is at $149 a month. Not forgetting the 1-time $108 joining fee + $50 processing fee. Jared says gym cheaper. True.

Moral of the story: Always call someone who has a joint interest in your life and finances before you commit your finances to any programs/packages.

So Grace and I walked out of the place happy with our complimentary trial and commitment-free. Next week, we shall try another place. (:

My body is aching by now as I am typing this... And this is Great! My muscles are developing (:

And before I sign off...

3 more days to the FINAL SOLUTION! Join me for this SUPERB drama production this Fri, Sat or Sun!


ED said...


I can't imagine u in these poses!

Must be really tough...

Go home and practice on your Wii fit la.

Grace Tan said...

Round 2, here we come!

Jerb said...

Jerb > ED
HAHA! I don't think I will have the discipline to do it by myself @ home with my Wii!

Jerb > Gracy
Yea Yea! I am looking forward to another class! (:

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