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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An unexpected after-dinner programme

I just had a simple dinner with hubby @ the usual coffeeshop across the road. After dinner, we decided to go to NTUC to get some groceries.

Little did I know the 'torture' I would be subjected to on the way to the very nearby NTUC....

First, we passed by one of those Chee-na massage shops. As we walked past it, we could clearly sniff the strong, minty smell of the Chinese medicated oil.

"Shall we go for massage?" Jared suddenly asked as he stopped in his tracks. Before I knew it, we were in the shop. Jared went for a 40min foot reflexology and me, I chose a 30min back massage.


Thank God I quite liked the minty smell of the medicated oil, cos the Chinese massage lady rubbed it all over my back and arms.

And thank God she tested the strength she used on me before she started the massage. After settling on a certain 'strength' used, I was still kind of 'out of breath' and whining a bit. Which made her comment (in her heavily accented Chinese accent) "哎哟,我只用一点点地力气,你都痛到这样呀!" (Translated as "I had only used less than half of my strength and it's still painful for you?")

Well, can you imagine her strong hands rubbing my bones?? I could feel every single bone at my back! How not to feel the pain??!!

Anyway, the massage is not too bad since the masseuse tried to adjust her strength to not inflict so much 'injury'. I guess I was un-stiffened and detoxified for $25!

And then after shopping @ NTUC, we walked passed a clinic. Jared backtracked, peered into the clinic and asked me to go get my flu vaccination. Duh??

What a torturous night!!!

I hate injections!

Must be the swine flu news articles that is making him worried.

See full size imageMARCO UGARTE/The Associated Press

Anyway, paid another $28 for this flu vaccination. And it's not the vaccine against swine flu.... (it's not out yet).

I should avoid eating opposite on Mondays with Jared next time! ;p




Klessis said...

Haha! I must say Jared is pretty random huh??

ED said...

I am surprised that Jared is so spontaneous! :)

That is a good romantic quality to have!

Jerb said...

Yes! He does surprise me at times... (: