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Monday, April 13, 2009

Kim’s birthday & Grandma-in-law’s 89th birthday!

We just a great Easter 2009 celebration weekend at church! It was really heartwarming to see so many people touched by the drama and the Word and accepting Jesus as their personal Savior.

Anyway, I was busy preparing for Easter as well as the post-Easter activities’ planning and neglected blogging a little! ;p Well, I am back!

Here are a few photos of the birthday parties I attended over the last few weeks.

Kim’s Birthday

It was Kim’s birthday BBQ a few Saturdays ago. It was possibly one of the best BBQs I went to! They did not just have the usual fare of chicken wings and hotdogs but there were crayfish, prawns, kebabs, lovingly-marinated tasty chicken wings and MORE!

Here are some colorful group photos we took as a family.


The Tasmania Devil cake from Polar


And finally, we saw a huge ‘China’ bag there and thought it fitted Jas very well!

DSCF2383 DSCF2384



Last night, we held a birthday dinner for Grandma @ Bliss Garden @ Expo.

I was thinking if it was only our family who are celebrating, I would definitely suggest The Line Buffet at Shangri La! Cos of their birthday promotion- A discount of the birthday person’s age for a group of maximum 8 persons! Imagine we paying only 11% of the bill!

But… we had about 30 persons. So nevermind…

However, to our pleasant surprise, the food was really good!

The cold dish had generous portions! The sharksfin soup had real, recognizable pieces of sharksfin! The fried mee sua was cooked with loads of ingredients! The other dishes were also very tasty!

There were also karaoke facilities available. I realized Jared had relatives who CAN sing quite well… it definitely added to the joy in the atmosphere!

We decided for our immediate family’s reunion dinner next year, we will save the trouble of cooking and come here instead. Yums (:

Anyway, here are some pics of my hubby’s relatives…

Our niece


If I knew how to, I would have cropped her photo and put it in a photo of a watermelon… and she can become one of the Anne Geddes baby. (:

Our hyperactive nephew- Ryan



ah po

I am very amazed that she is still so healthy and witty at the age of 89! She was cracking jokes with Jared last night when we were leaving. Wow!

Even though I cannot communicate with her (she only speaks Hainanese), but she would always speak to me in this unknown tongue, smiling away. And I would nod and smile back while holding her hand. I also figured she will always end off saying that I don’t understand hainanese at all (probably because I shouldn’t be nodding at some of the things she said!). HAHA! She is soooo cute. (;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH PO! May you live happily and strong to a ripe old age. Another 20 good years more!


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