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Monday, April 20, 2009

I can cook.... LAKSA

HAHA! Like real.

I bought this instead.


This takes care of the gravy I need for my Laksa.

Prima Taste's Ready-to-Cook Meal Kit is really good especially for cooking dummies like me. I've cooked Mee Siam with this kit too, and I saw there were other local dishes such as Chicken Curry available too.

This Laksa kit includes...


Laksa Pre-mix... Not sure what's really inside....


Laksa Paste


They even pre-packed Sambal Chilli!


And even a pack of dried Laksa leaves!

Cooking laksa is now almost as easy as cooking maggi mee! (:

So here goes....

First I had to empty the Laksa Premix into a pot of water. And it looked like this...


Hmmm... This premix must be a dried powder form of coconut milk...

Next, stir in the Laksa paste, and now it looked a little better!


Next up... Boil!

Then I dumped in my ingredients (not provided in the box of course!) of fishballs, sliced fishcake, hard-boiled eggs and taupok. Cook some more.

In the meantime, I blanched the thick white noodles in boiling water.

And then guess what?


Isn't it AMAZING???

Here's my pot of the gravy with the abundance of ingredients... for 2 persons to eat! I believe I will be dumping alot of leftovers later.


I also prepared a simple healthy fruit salad using Fuji apples, seedless grapes, canned peaches as well as yoghurt.

A very good yoghurt brand I found in the supermarket is Alive. Delicious and smooth tasting. And the flavor I chose to use for the salad today is the Apple and Pomelo. Nice!


So presenting today's dinner to you...



Jared should have no complains about 'Domestic Bliss'. (((:




ED said...

I think Jared should have domestic support higher in his list of men's needs! :)

Klessis said...

Your salad looks super healthy & yummy! =D Makes a happy colourful sight..

San said...

Yummy! Looks delish! :)

Jin Lian said...

I'm hungry now!

Jerb said...

Jerb> Ed: HAHA! Ya!

Jerb: Thanks! You can all try cooking now. It's so easy!

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