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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Priority Seating

I am sure you have seen these signs in the MRT train.


P seat 2

Someone told me that in Taiwan I think, such Priority seats are never taken by anyone WITHOUT special needs.

Well, it’s a different scenario here in Singapore… Many who are strong, healthy, male, young, sit on it without much thought if it’s empty. Maybe they think the P seat shouldn’t be ‘wasted’ if there’s no one with special needs around. And maybe perhaps, someone else without special needs would take it even if they don’t.

Well, I personally avoid sitting on P seats simply because I think there are MANY people with special needs around. Even if there are none who boards the train at Kembangan, there most probably will be one who walks straight into YOUR cabin in Eunos. Don’t you notice??

Anyway, I am fine whenever I see these people give up their seats quickly for the special needs person. But last week, I saw this uni student who only gave up the seat after 5 mins of pondering!

Today when I was coming home in the MRT, I felt even more vexed. This 18-year old looking girl was sitting on the P seat. Then, an elderly couple strolled in with their daughter who was pushing a baby in the stroller. This girl saw them… and did not stand up! The train moved for about 5 mins… then 2 persons (1 of them a Caucasian) who was next to her gave up their seats for the elderly couple. And that teenage girl just acted oblivious!!! I felt so MAD! When that teenage girl glanced at me, I gave her the MOST DISAPPROVING look I could give! I think she has ZERO etiquettes….

So if you are reading this, let’s be more considerate and give up your seats (not just the P ones) for those with special needs… You’ll definitely feel better and burn a little more calories by standing… :)


Momisodes said...

That would make me sad to see that teenager do that too. I don't think I could occupy one of those seats either. It's like parking in a handicap spot when you don't need to.

San said...

Oh yeah - I was once a "special needs" person. 7-month pregnant (and obviously so!) and on the MRT... A guy gave up his P-seat for me... And ANOTHER woman (so not pregnant, but yeah - lazy!) sat before I could move an inch and "instantly" fell asleep. Hahaha!