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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little things that make a BIG difference


The small plant sitting on my bar counter outside my kitchen (: Adds a lovely green to my brown-colored kitchen.


Another plant sitting on top of my toilet bowl! Cheery sight every sleepy morning (:


One flower pattern... doesn't look so nice by itself...


But many of them made a difference to the wall in my house!


My colleague got this apple for me. It costs only $0.50? But it contained lots of vitamins and simple joy at 7pm, after a long day in the office...


This 10cm tall air freshener brought a wonderful aroma of tropical melon to my entire study room. Yummy!

Well, it's just me enjoying the little things that made a difference... :)

In the meantime, please remember to pray for Sun who is v sick. 1 MORE PRAYER CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


San said...

Nice background! ;)

Jerb said...

Thanks! And... thanks to you! ;)