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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday... To Me!

Years pass by so quickly... and I am now spending my last 20-something year. I have another 361 days to enjoy...

Anyway, I want to take this chance to THANK everybody who made my day special!!! Here are some photos:


ps yong

This handmade signboard plus towel cake was placed near my workspace. Ps Yong and his amazing team made a great effort to make every staff feel loved and congratulated for 1 birthweek! I got a couple of hugs that week as a result!

And thanks to my dear colleagues for blessing me with lunch and vouchers!




Thanks for your generosity!

*Thanks Clement ,for the photoframe with the encouraging letter. It warmed my heart reading it. (:



Lovely white platforms!

Thanks to Boss & Jiahui for the *ahem.. delightful dresses (HAHA!), to Ed and Minghui for the Desigual and Cicil for the romantic VS handcream! (:


Went to Sizzler on Sunday 22 March to celebrate.

Candle(S) blowing moment


Their lovely gift was...


A coach pouch! I thought the box was so stylo too! Thanks dudes!

My dear dear also surprised me with breakfast on the actual day!


He also personally shopped for 2 BEAUTIFUL dresses! It's an accomplishment for him... cos he normally buys stuff, not shop for them! (: Love u loads dear!


Upon reaching home from my family dinner that fateful Sunday, at about 10+pm, I saw clues @ outside my house....


O boy, the clue says Let the fun begin @ the playground (downstairs my house). Please change to comfy footwear...

My 1st thought was "O man!!! Do I need to work out??"

When I left the house, an object jumped out at me at the turn of my corridor!


I was so shocked, I jumped to the other corner too!


We even took a picture after I cooled down.

She made me look for more clues @ the playground. Made me slide, made me do aerobics @ GJ's house (which was situated in the next block), made me search for more clues @ rooftop carpark,

which finally led me to a sepak tekraw court next to my house....

There I spotted some mysterious, alien looking beings....


There, they celebrated my birthday,


and made me blow a jumbo balloon to read a message on it!


After that Yongle,Wilson and WQ gave a speech each. It was the greatest miracle because these boys are 'men of few words', and they generously gave me long speeches that night! THANKS guys!

And so they finally sent me home. "Bye guys! Thanks for the great (but tiresome) night!"


I thought I could rest in peace.

... when Jared asked me go iron his office shirt cos he needs to go back office for awhile tomorrow. He was supposed to be on MC...

"HUH??! Iron shirt at this time? Very tired..."

But his kind and virtuous wife needed not much persuasion...

I got up and walked to our room where the ironing board was kept... and when I opened the door....


I got another shock of my night!

The leaders/helpers were hiding in the room, waiting to surprise me with a flaming broccoli!!!


They also bought other vegetables for me as a pleasing sacrifice...


more veh

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos.... Poor them, in the dark and waiting...


After this, they played some MORE hide & seek with poor moi... just for me to get my present! As the saying goes, it's really 'No PAIN, NO GAIN'. Sigh...

Anyway, I am too lazy to blog further, but you could read and view more pics @ Shing's blog!

So to end it all, I want to say


everybody for the love! (:



ED said...

Wa... looks like u had a great day...

I can't believe that u were willing to iron jared's shirt on his bdae!

San said...

Hahaha!!! Sounds like so much fun! Esp the vege 'sacrifice' part! LOL!

Jerb said...

> To ED: Actually... Not v willing to do so!

> To San: Ya it was quite fun except that it was quite tiring! I love vege! (: