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Monday, March 09, 2009

Good deals

Good Deal #1: BAG

My brother is really rather daring when it comes to fashion. I heard from Val that he recently shopped at this flea market @ Bugis. Not the kind of flea market that the young and hip set up stalls at. Rather, you will find old uncles and aunties selling their cheap, 2nd/3rd hand or even older wares there.

This was what Dan bought from an old auntie.


The auntie was selling this bag at $9 and he still managed to bargain it to $5!!! Though I think he shouldn't have bargained with the old auntie but he's definitely dee man I want to bring along for my next Bangkok trip.

Good Deal #2: DESSERT

I just had free dessert! My hubby baked a v successful BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE last night! :)


Gosh, that was how much both of us ate since this morning... Delicious!

Good Deal #3: STEAMBOAT

Today, my hubby took half day leave. He finished at 2+ and we met for lunch at 3pm.

Hmm... What to eat on a cold, rainy day?

STEAMBOAT! (His favorite)

My hubby had eaten at about SEVEN steamboat places at Bugis. And he can conclude that the best (in his opinion) must be Xian De Lai Shanghai Cuisine. It costs $17.60 per person for lunch/dinner.

It's an ala carte buffet which means you just order the food items you want and the waiter will bring it to you in a jiffy. The place is also clean and hygenic.

A few of my favorite items are the special meat balls, the special flavored chicken wings and ribs. Jared loves the wanton. It even has prawns and live crab. Don't order the crab sticks there though cos it's the hard, fake tasting version.

Good Deal #4: GROCERIES

If you stay in the East, you will be very happy to know that there is a shop at Bedok Central (Opposite Bedok Central NTUC) called Thye Hin Hoe Medical (TTHM) Store that sells cheap daily essentials.

Jared bought 3 bottles of Dove shower foam there.

Price Comparison

NTUC: $9.70,

Sheng Shiong: $9.30,

Another store @ Bedok:$8.50,

THHM: $8!

That's all the good deals I enjoyed the last few days... Hope it helps you!


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