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Monday, March 16, 2009

Feasting at Seafood International

My department had a reason to meet up this afternoon for a feast. To celebrate my birthday! I have mixed feelings about my upcoming birthday, but sigh... I shall not blog about it now...

Anyway, Grace was mass sending 'recession' lunch deals last Thursday, and we finally settled for a $20++ per person ala carte buffet @ Seafood International which was situated at Playground @ Big Splash.

We ordered like crazy, and had to eat at a horrendous speed so that the waiters can place some MORE food on our table. HAHA! Here are pictures of some of the food that we ordered...



And here are the pictures I took with our department's new additions - the babes!



And of course, there were the REAL babes...


After lunch, we went our separate ways... I went to the nearby Parkway Parade to do manicure. I was so bored at the manicure place and decided to check for Twitter updates on my Twitterberry.

Ps Phil just updated that he was walking his dog. A rather crazy idea then popped up in my mind... Why don't I walk home from PP to Bedok?!

And so I did... I took about 1.5 hours walking home!!! I think my feet looks a little swollen after the walk...


It definitely felt like jelly!

Nevertheless, I am very proud of myself... walking home after a buffet lunch! (= It was a great day!


Grace Tan said...

Nice collage of pictures, Jerb!

Jerb said...

Thanks! Will upload the pics soon!

Anonymous said...

hi jerb!this is doreen here haha!!

Anonymous said...

oops my hp 98945081 can giv mi urs

qian ping said...

hello nice to meet u....haha thank god for me to hav a friend like u!u r kind actually.i not tat kind althought i am friendly n shy but i have least friend i can told u everything in my heart...really.i wont lie n i dont noe how to tell lies...i tring to be a good friend to please my classmate n u all..i didnt wan much i jus wan a wonderful friendships..really that all i want.oh ya my MSN is
feel free to add mi
gtg to go bye bye