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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Demolition (Wo!)Men

This week in CG we learnt about building people's lives. The things we accomplish till today could largely be attributed to that someone or some people who came along and believed, encouraged, challenged us. I can already think of people who were kind and concerned enough to sow into my life.


And so being reminded to be kind and to build people up, I got quite a rude shock on the bus which I took after CG today. The image created in my mind was like this:


Auntie 1: This bus hor, can take us to Bedok. Then we can all alight and take bus no. 9, 12 or even 38 home.

Auntie 2: Ya lor ya lor. This bus goes Bedok.

Auntie 3: Mmm.... Maybe I will take MRT home?

Auntie 2: Arh? You CRAZY ah! Take MRT still have to take bus home. Bus 12 brings you directly home to your doorstep ah. Dunno leh you....

Auntie 1: Ya la, you STUPID ah!

Wow. I was quite stunned to hear this conversation. Auntie 3 was just making a small suggestion, but she was 'shot' down immediately and BADLY.... Was it necessary to use the words they use for such a small matter??....

It's like using an atomic bomb to open a locked treasure chest... HAHA! Anyway, I promised my good self there and then, that when I become an Auntie one day (far far away), I must remember NOT to be so violent.... ;p

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