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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cook for you, bake for me


My hubby has been bitten many many times by the culinary bug these few weeks. I am not sure what has gotten into him... but he's tried out quite a number of recipes thus far!

He has thrown popcorn chicken, seasoned chicken wings and garlic bread into the oven. And has made his famous bread and butter pudding,...

Cheese cakes(3 unsuccessful ones though...It's tough to do a baked cheesecake!)


Mango sago (with loads of freshly cut mango~ YUMS!)


I also cooked an ambitious dinner for my siblings and Jared last Monday (but the latter was feeling unwell & didn't eat in the end ):




(The mushrooms in this vege dish are photographed in the first photo of this entry! Don't they look smiley?!)


As a result of all the baking and cooking, our house especially the kitchen would have a strong food/oil smell for about 1-2 days after we cook/bake. After all the mopping, cleaning, spraying with air freshener, the smell just doesn't go. Any tips on this??

Anyway, I think we are very hardworking and wonder how long we will last...

Nevertheless, we are enjoying it while it last! (:


ED said...

Wa... it is like the Lims can cook!

To get rid of odours - use charcoal, it is cheap and works for all odours!

Asianmommy said...

Love the heart-shaped cheesecake--how cute!

Jerb said...

Tks! We'll get the charcoal... if not the smell can be quite bad.