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Monday, March 30, 2009


I finally went shopping today with my favorite shopping pal- Val! I had taken a long Sabbath from shopping and today was a good 'work out'!

After spending about 3.5 hours shopping, we met Dan up and went for a planned dinner @ Aston's @ Cathay.

This is my first time at this restaurant and I've always heard about its good Western food @ low prices.

I was told that Aston's do not accept reservations and you got to go early to avoid long queues.

True enough, Dan reached the place at 7pm and there was already a snakey queue outside the restaurant that was situated on the 4th floor.

It was easier for couples to get a seat there since there were more 2-seaters in this franchise.

By the time we got our seat, it was already 7:36pm. When we took our seats, the queue outside was still v long.


It was also not surprising to see many young people in the crowd because of the value-for-money good food.

For this particular outlet, I found the place sparsely furnished in a oldish wood theme. The tables were quite near each other with a simple lamp hanging above. It reminded me of a low class version of Kenny Rogers except there were servers/waiters.


When I saw the menu, I was really happy to see the very affordable prices. (:

Drinks eg: Juices and soft drinks were mostly $1.80. (But plain water is served at $0.30 a cup)

Sides (Cold sides- Potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad etc; Hot sides- Mashed potato, garden veg, tasty rice, etc) cost $1.80 each.

Mushroom soup costs $2.80 and comes with complimentary garlic bread.

Set meals consisted of a meat and 2 sides of your choice

The chicken sets cost $6.50 to $10+, fish sets cost $7.20 to $10+. Steaks cost $11.50 onwards and the other meats eg pork chops and ribs were $10-$20+. Of course the better cuts of beef eg the Wagyu cost $40+ and above.

The various Spaghetti sets come with mushroom soup and the cost range from below $10 to below $20.

Best thing is, there is NO service charge. (:

So here are the food we ordered.

Iced tea

Quite a big glass...


Not the Campbell's type. It was also thick and yummy.


Pathetic 7 pieces. But then again, it was only $1.80...

my food

I wanted something healthy and expected my fish to be as tasteless as its name. But it turned out to be quite delicious! The sauce on the fish definitely helped.


Dan's order was called 'Double Up'. This meant that he could choose any 2 types of chicken on the menu. He ordered very healthy sides to compensate for his Double portion of chicken. This meal costs only $10.50. Absolutely value for $$!

Val also ordered the same thing...


The total bill came up to only about $39 (for 3 persons)!

So overall, here are my ratings:

Price: start startstartstarthalf staf

Ambience: startstart

Food: startstartstarthalf staf

Do check it out!



San said...

Yeah! I love Aston's too! :) Usually I will "rush" to the East Coast outlet at 1130am (when it just opens), so as to beat the Q! Haha! Let's lunch there when the Suntec outlet opens!

Jerb said...

Yes, let's go! *Drools