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Saturday, March 28, 2009

(80%) Women's Meeting

Yesterday, the men went for Men's meeting- 'Men United' @ JW with Ps Phil. I thought the name for the meeting was really cool- Men United.

I saw Lucas' update on Facebook yesterday. He chioed CHC guys to join him wear Man U jersey to the Conference. I hope he garnered enough support to be seen among the thousands!

Well, I think the Conference did my boys good! One of my sec 2 member said he now knows 'there is a mighty man inside every man'. I could almost hear him ROAR! HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, that left us gals (and a few of the younger boys) to have our own CG meeting that night.

I was thinking what a great opportunity to do something really girlie since the boys are not around. I cracked my brains and finally decided to do a mini-makeup class (to be conducted by Cicil) and a manicure/pedicure session!

I was so excited I went Watson's to shop for the nail stuffs!



I was serious about it!

So that night, we had a great CG meeting. The group comprised of 23 gals and 4 boys. It was a 80% female crowd and I think we sang 2 octaves higher than usual!

We had fun & fellowship...


Then, it was time to start my service. I was feeling so excited!

When I called out for volunteers (aka guinea pigs), no one responded... I think they were shy.

So I pulled Flora to come and test my (not so good) skills! Yeah!


I filed her nails, applied the hand & body lotion on her hands, applied base coat, 2 layers of GLITTERY BLUE nail polish and top coat. I felt so PRO! My members said I also looked pro. (:

Thank God Flora had never did a manicure before... So she did not mind my lack of skills. But I am not a bad amateur!

Before long, the gals started to be drawn to my corner and we started painting one another's nails!

There was someone who did not have much toenails and someone with NO toenails. The other gals painted on their skin where their toenails should be so that it appeared as if they HAD toenails! That was how excited we all were...!



At the end of the whole night, most of my girls had similar nails as me. (: Glittery nails!


It was a fun and girly night! Although we did miss the guys alittle, but a girls' night once in a while is really quite fun!

Gals Unite! (((:

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