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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire – MUST WATCH!

It was a Sunday night and Jared had to work the next day. We badly wanted to catch an award winning movie. Actually, I think this is 1 of the best movie seasons with the many award winning movies available!

Our obvious choice was Benjamin Button but the show was due to start at 8.30pm. By the time it ended, it will be almost 11.30pm!

The other choice was Slumdog Millionaire which will start at 7pm and last for 2 hours.

So 2 tickets to Slumdog Millionaire… and India, Mumbai. Here we go!


We didn’t regret watching the movie at all! In fact, we loved it! I won’t tell you the story (so you can go watch it yourself). But here are 3 reasons why I loved the show. :)

1. It showed the real India with it’s poverty-stricken slums and people… at least I thought it did.


S1 S2

S3 S4

I particularly liked the part where the movie depicted men who kidnapped or ‘bribed’ the poor kids and then purposely crippled, blinded them to become beggars. It was heart-wrenching…

Jared also excitedly pointed out the native food that they ate in the movie cos he ate them while he was working in India too!

2. The cinemagraphy… Excellent!

I loved the scene when the 2 indian kids were running away from these men who wanted to harm them. The scenes showed the ‘beauty’ of the slum areas…. You know what I mean if you watched the show…

3. The plot

The story was unfolded in a very creative way. And it had a happy ending, which I really liked! Don’t you like ‘happily ever after’? :)

So, go catch the movie if you haven’t! You should like it!

BTW, it’s mainly in English. The kids speak Hindi but there are English subtitles!


Shanya said...

Just caught it today and it was an awesome movie :)

Jerb said...

Glad to know another person who liked the movie!

Grace Tan said...

I watched that show last night too! Nice!

kailin said...

Me too me too! The plot is great! This movie won MANY awards!

Asianmommy said...

Thanks for the review. Can't wait to see this movie!

Jerb said...

Yeah! 8 Oscars!