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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A package of clothes, Hair package, Facial package, Gym package...

Yesterday, I heard some high pitched "Yes!", "On la, set!".

Busybody me naturally got up from my seat and asked what were my female colleagues talking about.

Dawn and Juslin asked me if I had the UOB Ladies Card. "Yes! Why why?"

This is their new promotion.... (To Hunks and Hunkettes: Be excited!)

True Fitness
Complimentary access to the fitness centres and usage of fitness facilities only, with the exception of VIP Black Card Lounge and Pilates Reformers Studio

And one of the outlets is right smack @ 3 Temasek Boulevard, #07-001 Suntec City Mall.

And so my colleagues are wanting to go to the gym (FOR FREE!) together! How fun!

Then Sandra commented that I and her CANNOT go together alone. Cos our hearts are easily softened and our purse-strings are easily loosened by the coaxing words of the saleswomen.


  • Me @ Osmose clothes boutique

I was trying so many pieces of clothing, none to my liking. But because the saleswoman attending to me so nicely allowed me to try on the many many possible pieces... I actually felt BAD not buying anything! I ended up buying ANOTHER black tube (I already have 2 at home...) since it was the cheapest item I could find in the store that I could buy without leaving the store empty-handed....

Boy... I am every saleswomen's dream...

  • Me @ Esthetica Facial

"Miss ah, this eye package will be cheaper (still not THAT cheap!) for you if you get it along with your main facial package..."

"Umm it's ok... no thanks..."

"Miss ah, if you don't care for your eyes now, next time, BIG eye bags and crows' feet become PERMANENT you know? ..."

Hai... okok, I sign....

  • Me @ Jean Yip Hair Salon

I wanted to do a normal hair treatment here. But the salesperson asked me to do a scalp analysis for FREE.

Free? Ok then! 

The conclusion of my analysis was "oily scalp". And the worse thing was that the salesperson said in years to come, people with oily scalp might experience hair loss.

HUH?! Are u serious??!! Deep deep deeeeeep down inside, I really DON'T believe.

But... better be safe than sorry? Arrgghhhh.... sign sign....

Ladies out there, are you like me?? Or am I the rare soft-hearted, easily 'deceived' one? *Sob sob...

So this time (if we are really making our way) to the gym, San and I are going with the more cold-hearted Juslin, Dawn and Lixia. HAHA! This time, WE WILL NOT SIGN. :)


San said...

Amen & amen. I can also share many horror stories of my own. Sigh... W must have a less pliable and "entreatable" heart towards salepeople!

Jerb said...

Ya man... u can share your horror stories with me and comfort me.... :)