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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Morning Prayer Meeting

Time check: 8.43AM. I am in the office getting ready to work. This is NOT the norm.

Before I came in to office, I went to buy breakfast... and before that, I, together with thousands, were up praying!

OK. We are not as 'powerful' as the S. Koreans, who start their day praying at 4am (*gulp), but we have set our own personal best by starting to pray at 6.30am!

Even though it's a little difficult to wake up in the early morning (Tip for waking up a little later in the morning: If you are like me who wash your hair in the morning, you can change your routine this week by washing it in the night instead)... but during and after the PM, it feels so good to fellowship with the Lord, lift up the day's/week's work and burdens to Him!

Here's a picture that reflects how I feel!


Watered     Refreshed     Strong     Growing

Ok, gtg now and start my day! Have a great day everybody! :)

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