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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Love was in the air this weekend at City Harvest Church. :) Ps Kong preached the Part II of his Relationship sermon. It was really light-hearted and funny especially whenever we could identify with the drama/sermon.... And the Word was much needed. It was a light-hearted but strong message to married couples in our church.

We just can't assume that since both parties are strong in God, or are Christians, or have strong moral values, the marriage will be strong. LOVE cannot be taken for granted!

I think that's so true. You can't do NOTHING, and expect something... right??

Maybe because of my experience with losing my loved ones at a young age, I feel it's so important to treasure your loved ones around you. The time spent, the words said, the actions used, the money spent, the energy expended... All counts!

Back to church, Ps got all the married couples to exchange our vows once again and each couple even had rings to exchange as a token of our vows made! How beautiful especially for the couples who had been married for a long long time... 


So, Happy V Day to all the couples!

Happy V Day Jared! :) I love & treasure U very much!


JJ 5

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