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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hot Dog Jumping Frogs!

No, I did not eat or cook the above.

I sing it.

Ok, I know this is a bit stupid... But after years of humming this song, I finally found the song! On youtube!

When Val and I were in kindergarten or primary school I can't remember, we would be in Dad's car and his radio would blast this song. We cannot remember all the lyrics for nuts, but we know the chorus very well!

Hot Dog, Jumping Frog, I Love Cookie! (sing v v loud together)

And we will sing it whilst sticking our heads out of each side of the car window. Those were the days... HAHAHAHA!

I also found out today that the lyric we believed it to be, is WRONG. It's actually

Hot Dog, Jumping Frogs, Albuquerque (Definition: The largest city in New Mexico)

So sharing with you.... one of my favorite childhood songs. Have u heard it before???

(BTW I've never seen the MTV before this... It's rather... corny...)

1 comment:

JH said...

haha! it really sounds like I love cookie! :)