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Monday, February 02, 2009

Food Glorious Food!

I recently tried 2 DELICIOUS foods!


Type of foods: Soups, sandwiches and salads

Prices: Below $10 for each food item. Sightly above $10 for a set meal comprising of a soup, half portion of a sandwich or salad and a drink.

Venue: Suntec City Mall, Tower 4, #01-152 (Just beside Coffee Bean, opposite Carrefoure)

Last week, Sandra, Juslin and I went for lunch and decided to have something different from our usual foodcourt fare. So we settled for Souperlicious which was situated just below our office. We ordered a set meal each.

Here's the hearty and healthy lunch sets...



Yes yes... This was my Caesar's Salad. It had loads of lettuces, cherry tomatoes and raisins... and aplenty of cheese flakes which made the whole salad a little TOO tasty!? But I am a cheese person, so I liked it v much.


This was San's and Jus's Ham and Macaroni Salad. For the non-vege eaters... they can now say salads are edible cos there's not even a hint of green in this salad!



Sandra's clear Chicken and Corn Broth. Nutritious... I didn't taste it. Sandra didn't rave about it, just said it was 'nice'. No complains...


Mine and Juslin's Chicken and Corn Chowder. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It's super yummy and you won't feel je-lat even till the last spoonful!

Overall rating: ***+1/2**

(It meant 3.5 stars out of 5! ;p)


Type of foods: Crepes and Soups

Prices: $4+ for each crepe... I forgot to check out the price of the soups... but everything below $10!

Venue: Plaza Singapura shopping mall, #B2-32 (only for take-away!)

Jared and I were rushing for a movie last night. We had a heavy steamboat lunch and decided to grab a small, quick bite.

I stumbled upon this stall selling crepes. The sign which kind of attracted me was....


HAHA! Anyway, I am REALLY not so health conscious ever since I got married (I wonder why...) but today's lunch was really filling!

I wanted to order the healthy option - Mushroom & Cheese Crepe. But the mushrooms were sold out... so sad... And so I had to settle for the Ham and Cheese crepe instead...

The 'chef' started cooking on the spot. She carefully poured the crepe mixture onto this hotplate and carefully placed the pieces of nicely cut ham and lastly sprinkled LOTS of shredded cheese all over. She looked very 'C'!

I waited for +/- 5 mins for my crepe. And while waiting, I looked around the shop.



I realized the 'chef' and her food appeared in various newspapers before. She was trained in the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu! And her crepes are supposedly touted to be 1 of the best you can find in Singapore! *Excited!*

Soon, my crepe was ready!


Ta-da! The crepe was thin and almost crispy... it's really very nice compared to the other crepes that are too floury and thick. Every bite was very tasty and not too salty at all (even with all the generous amounts of ham and cheese inside). And the cheese... ooh... it looked like the cheese in the old pizza hut advert, where you had to bite and pull the 'strings' and 'strings' of cheese away! Give me another one anytime!

Overall rating: *****

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San said...

Yum! That crepe looks delicious!

And yeap - I preferred your creamy soup to my clear chicken soup. It is too much like a "home-cooked" version, and I prefer my mom's chicken soup! Haha! Next time I will try another non-clear version!

Jerb said...

Yea! U got to try ours the next time!